PHP Programming Articles

PHP is known as a general-purpose scripting language geared toward developing dynamic and interactive websites. It was originally created by Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. It could be embedded into HTML, making it easier to add functionality to web pages without needing to call external files for data. PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page, but it now stands for the recursive initialism PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. And the PHP reference implementation is now produced by The PHP Group.

The following articles are the newest and most popular questions about the PHP programming language.

1. Query With Multiple Values in a Column

2. Xampp Localhost/Dashboard

3. Create Line Break in Whatsapp Message

4. How to Change the Background Color of Dropdown List in Select Tag

5. Send Python Output to HTML Field

6. Align Text and Image Side to Side With Bootstrap

7. How to Check If MySQL Results Returned Empty in PHP

8. Generate an N-Digit Random Number

9. Php: Fastest Way to Handle Undefined Array Key

10. How to Remove the Extra Square Bracket from Json Having Multiple Arrays

11. Install PHP Intl Extension on Macos

12. Php - Mysqli_Fetch_Array() Expects Parameter 1 to Be Mysqli_Result, String Given

13. How to Get Data from Another Table Using Id from Another Table

14. Detect HTML Tags in a String

15. Php Substring Remove Everything in a String After Certain Character

16. How to Get Multiple Value from Post Variable Using Same Name

17. Get Image Type from Base64 Encoded Src String

18. Php How to Determine the First and Last Iteration in a Foreach Loop

19. Calculate Size in Bytes of Json Payload Including It in the Json Payload in PHP

20. How to Change Value of Select Options Based on Another Select Option Selected

21. Sending Post Requests Without Waiting for Response

22. How to Do File Upload Using Jquery Serialization

23. Laravel How to Return Single Column Value Using Query Builder

24. Validating Base64 Encoded Images

25. How to Remove a Directory That Is Not Empty

26. Calculate Student Total Marks and Insert That Total in Another Table With the Id of That Student Together

27. How to Get Only Date from Datetime in Codeigniter

28. How to Fetch Record of Many Ids on Single Query

29. How to Delete Multiple Redis Keys With the Same Pattern in PHP Using Phpredis

30. How to Check, If a PHP String Contains Only English Letters and Digits

31. How to Pass Variable Between Two Web Pages With PHP Without Using Session

32. Codeigniter - Show Information in Modal Window

33. Regex Optionally Match a Pattern Multiple Times

34. Getting Error in Console:Failed to Load Resource: Net::Err_Connection_Reset

35. How to Add Whatsapp Share Button to PHP Website

36. Api to Get All the Reviews and Rating from Google for Business

37. How to Get All Month Record Count in Laravel

38. Php: Display Comma After Each Element Except the Last. Using 'For' Statement and No 'Implode/Explode'

39. What Is the Easiest Way to Check If Time Is Set in Datetime Variable

40. How to Get Previous Month from Selected Month

41. Unable to Upload File Greater Than 2Mb in Laravel

42. Laravel Print Array in Blade PHP

43. Stop Inserting Data in the Database When Refreshing the Page

44. Merge Pdf Files With PHP

45. Telegram Bots - How to Create Reply Menus With Icons Like Mypokerbot

46. Displaying a Base64 Images from a Database Via PHP

47. How to Pass Checkbox Value 0 If Not Checked and 1 If Checked Using Array Laravel

48. How to Get Multiple Data from Two Different Table from One Database in PHP

49. Laravel Blank White Screen

50. Dompdf Table Fixed Column Width and Break Long Text

51. Laravel - How to Join 2 Tables from Different Db Connection

52. Displaying Data from an Array in a HTML Table Using PHP

53. How to Get Part of Url Before Last Slash With PHP

54. How to Remove Query Part from $Request->All() in Laravel Framework

55. How to Get Values of Checkbox Array in Laravel 5

56. Php Regex Find Text Between Custom Added HTML Tags

57. Running a Python Script from PHP

58. Convert Doc/Docx Files to Pdf Using PHP

59. Disable Xampp Redirect Http to Https

60. How to Pass a Number With Forward Slash "/" to Codeigniter Controller Using Ajax

61. How to Get Filename from a Variable (Url) in PHP

62. How to Stop My PHP Form Resubmitting Input After Page Refresh

63. Dynamically Display a CSV File as an HTML Table on a Web Page

64. Display Data from Database to Dropdown Codeigniter

65. Showing Image Binary Data Using JavaScript

66. How to Set Variables in a Laravel Blade Template

67. Convert Accented Characters to Their Plain Ascii Equivalents

68. How to Resolve MySQL Port 3306 Error on Wamp

69. Generate Preview Image from Video File

70. How to Add Class to Link in Wp_Nav_Menu

71. Combining 'Where' and 'Like' Statements by Using the Ci Activerecords

72. Adding an Image With Dompdf

73. Setting Selected Option in Laravel Form

74. How to Update Multiple Select Box Values in PHP MySQL

75. Remove/Hide Woocommerce Added to Cart Message But Keep/Display Coupon Applied Message

76. Encoding CSV File With Arabic Content

77. Assign Jquery Value to PHP Variable Inside Ajax Sussess

78. How to Block Direct Access to My JavaScript Files

79. How to Convert Jquery Ajax Success Data to a PHP Variable

80. How to Sends Two Values in Select Dropdown Using PHP

81. The 3 Different Equals

82. MySQL_Fetch_Array()/MySQL_Fetch_Assoc()/
MySQL_Fetch_Row()/MySQL_Num_Rows etc... Expects Parameter 1 to Be Resource

83. How to Use Bcrypt For Hashing Passwords in PHP

84. Secure Hash and Salt For PHP Passwords

85. How to Make a Redirect in PHP

86. How to Access an Array/Object

87. How to Calculate the Difference Between Two Dates Using PHP

88. Can PHP Pdo Statements Accept the Table or Column Name as Parameter

89. How to Convert Ereg Expressions to Preg in PHP

90. How to Sort a Multi-Dimensional Array by Value

91. How to Use PHP'S Password_Hash to Hash and Verify Passwords

92. PHP - Failed to Open Stream: No Such File or Directory

93. How to Sanitize User Input With PHP

94. How to Expire a PHP Session After 30 Minutes

95. How to Parse a Json File With PHP

96. How to Pass JavaScript Variables to PHP

97. How to Combine Two Strings Together in PHP

98. How to Bind an Array to an In() Condition in a Pdo Query

99. How Should a Model Be Structured in MVC

100. Change the Maximum Upload File Size

101. Is There a Use-Case For Singletons With Database Access in PHP

102. Apache Is Downloading PHP Files Instead of Displaying Them

103. How to Replace Certain Parts of My String

104. MVC For Advanced PHP Developers

105. PHP Generate File For Download Then Redirect

106. How to Remove All Non Printable Characters in a String

107. Using $_Post to Get Select Option Value from Html

108. Where Do We Use the Object Operator "-≫" in PHP

109. How to Check If a Date Is in a Given Range

110. PHP Warning: Call-Time Pass-By-Reference Has Been Deprecated

111. List All Files in One Directory PHP

112. Is Micro-Optimization Worth the Time

113. Laravel View Not Found Exception

114. Notice: Trying to Get Property of Non-Object Error

115. Add 'X' Number of Hours to Date

116. PHP Glob - Scan in Subfolders For a File

117. How to Disable Output Buffering in PHP

118. Warning: Domdocument::Loadhtml(): Htmlparseentityref: Expecting ';' in Entity,

119. PHP - How to Best Determine If the Current Invocation Is from Cli or Web Server

120. PHP Getting Domain Name from Subdomain

121. Check If PHP-Page Is Accessed from an iOS Device

122. Rotate Array Elements to the Left (Move First Element to Last and Re-Index)

123. How to Do Error Logging in Codeigniter (Php)

124. PHP Change Array Keys

125. Dyld: Library Not Loaded: /Usr/Local/Opt/Icu4C/Lib/Libicui18N.62.Dylib Error Running PHP After Installing Node with Brew on MAC

126. Laravel Multiple Pagination in One Page

127. How to Set the Env Variable for PHP

128. Creating a Config File in PHP

129. PHP - Remove <Img> Tag from String

130. Need a Good Regex to Convert Urls to Links But Leave Existing Links Alone

131. How to Iterate Over Non-English File Names in PHP

132. How to Force Users to Access My Page Over Https Instead of Http

133. PHP Order Array by Date

134. Getting Data with Utf-8 Charset from Mssql Server Using PHP Freetds Extension

135. Getting Complete Path of Uploaded File - PHP

136. Calling Function Inside Preg_Replace Thats Inside a Function

137. Getting Last Month's Date in PHP

138. Get the Last Modified Date of a Remote File

139. Http_Build_Query with Same Name Parameters

140. Output Is in Seconds. Convert to Hh:Mm:Ss Format in PHP

141. Set Active State on Navigation Dynamically

142. How to Put JavaScript Variable in PHP Echo

143. Check to See If a String Is Serialized

144. Create New Xml File and Write Data to It

145. Getting All Values from H1 Tags Using PHP

146. Using Ajax to Pass Variable to PHP and Retrieve Those Using Ajax Again

147. Redefining Constants in PHP

148. Execute a Xquery with PHP

149. Convert Clickable Anchor Tags to Plain Text in HTML Document

150. Using Composer's Autoload

151. MySQL Alter Table Add Field Before or After a Field Already Present

152. Can't Make Laravel 4 to Work on Localhost

153. "Class Xxx Is Not a Valid Entity or Mapped Super Class" After Moving the Class in the Filesystem

154. Get "Content-Type" Header of Request in PHP

155. Secure User Image Upload Capabilities in PHP

156. Pdo Were Rows Affected During Execute Statement

157. How to Read a .Txt File with PHP

158. How to Remove <Br /> Tags and More from a String

159. How to Deploy Correctly When Using Composer's Develop/Production Switch

160. Difference Between MySQL_Fetch_Array and MySQL_Fetch_Row

161. PHP Zip Files on the Fly

162. How to Format a Number to a Dollar Amount in PHP

163. Regexp in Switch Statement

164. Connecting to Websocket with PHP Client

165. Use PHP to Display MySQL Results in HTML Table

166. What Is the Best PHP Dom 2 Array Function

167. How to Get an Option Previously Set with Curl_Setopt()

168. Php: Change Color of Text Based on $Value

169. Do I Need to Escape My Variables If I Use MySQLi Prepared Statements

170. Error: Class 'Facebook\Facebooksession' Not Found with the Facebook PHP Sdk

171. How to Post Multiple <Input Type="Checkbox" /> as Array in PHP

172. How to Get Values of Xml Elements

173. Why Is It Good Save to Save Sessions in the Database

174. Storage in Laravel Says Symlink - No Such File

175. Location for Session Files in Apache/Php

176. How to Access Elements in an Array Returned from a Function

177. JSON_Encode of Multidimensional Array Giving Different Results

178. How Does PHP Max_Execution_Time Work

179. PHP MySQL Charset Utf8 Problems

180. How to Encrypt HTML Source Code Output Using PHP

181. Printing PHP Script Output to File

182. Add Custom Columns to Admin Products List in Woocommerce 3

183. How to Run PHP Code from File_Get_Contents or File in a Function

184. Merge a Table and a Change Log into a View in Postgresql

185. How to Fetch Account Data from a Provider with Lightopenid