iOS Development and Programming Articles

iOS development is considered easier than Android development. If you are patient with the learning process and set the right goal, iOS development is not complex. There are many perks to being an iOS developer: high demand, competitive salaries, and creatively challenging work that allows you to contribute to a wide variety of projects, among others. There's a shortage of talent across many sectors of tech, and that skill scarcity is particularly disparate among developers.

The following articles are the newest and most popular questions about iOS development.

1. Why Is the Tab Bar Disappearing

2. How to Check How Long Ago Was the App Last Opened

3. Find If User Is in a Call or Not

4. Open .Html File on iOS Device

5. Why It Shows "Ld: Framework Not Found Bolts"

6. Airpods Not Working as an Input Source for Voice Recorder App

7. Swift - Json Error: the Data Couldn't Be Read Because It Isn't in the Correct Format

8. Serialize Json String That Contains Escaped (Backslash and Double Quote) Swift Return Badly Formed Object

9. Swift: Reload a View Controller

10. Redirect to Application If Installed, Otherwise to App Store

11. How to Access a Specific Field from Cloud Firestore Firebase in Swift

12. Post Request Using Application/X-Www-Form-Urlencoded

13. How to Add Spacing Between Uitableviewcell

14. How to Record Video of Front and Back Camera At a Time in iOS

15. Setting the Datepicker in iOS to Pick Only the Month and Year

16. Update Badge With Push Notification While App in Background

17. Scrolling Issue on Position Fixed Element on iOS

18. How to Clear the Entered Textfield When the User Taps on the Button

19. Force View Controller to Reload to Refresh Uiappearance Changes

20. Check If There Is an Emoji Contained in a String

21. How to Associate File Types With an iPhone Application

22. How to Force Nslocalizedstring to Use a Specific Language

23. How to Pass Prepareforsegue: an Object

24. How to Change Status Bar Text Color in iOS

25. Determine Device (iPhone, Ipod Touch) With iOS

26. How to Determine the Current iPhone/Device Model

27. Test iOS App on Device Without Apple Developer Program or Jailbreak

28. How to Debug 'Unrecognized Selector Sent to Instance' Error

29. How to Store Custom Objects in Nsuserdefaults

30. Programmatically Get Own Phone Number in iOS

31. Undefined Symbols For Architecture Armv7

32. How to Size a Uitextview to Its Content

33. How to Do Base64 Encoding on iOS

34. The Simplest Way to Resize an Uiimage

35. How to Get the Indexpath.Row When an Element Is Activated

36. Looking to Understand the iOS Uiviewcontroller Lifecycle

37. Send and Receive Messages Through Nsnotificationcenter in Objective-C

38. Constants in Objective-C

39. How to Link to Apps on the App Store

40. How to Add Constraints Programmatically Using Swift

41. iOS Upload Image and Text Using Http Post

42. How to Use Nsjsonserialization

43. Bold & Non-Bold Text in a Single Uilabel

44. Figure Out Size of Uilabel Based on String in Swift

45. How to Change the Name of an iOS App

46. How to Beta Test an iPhone App

47. Uiview With Rounded Corners and Drop Shadow

48. Getting Current Device Language in iOS

49. How to Detect That an iOS App Is Running on a Jailbroken Phone

50. iOS Launching Settings -≫ Restrictions Url Scheme

51. Cfnetwork Sslhandshake Failed iOS 9

52. Uialertcontroller Custom Font, Size, Color

53. Status Bar and Navigation Bar Issue in iOS7

54. Remove HTML Tags from an Nsstring on the iPhone

55. How to Symbolicate Crash Log Xcode

56. How to Run Cocoapods on Apple Silicon (M1)

57. Expand/Collapse Section in Uitableview in iOS

58. Async Image Loading from Url Inside a Uitableview Cell - Image Changes to Wrong Image While Scrolling

59. Assertion Failure in Dequeuereusablecellwithidentifier:Forindexpath:

60. When Should I Compare an Optional Value to Nil

61. Starting iPhone App Development in Linux

62. Detect If the Device Is iPhone X

63. This Certificate Has an Invalid Issuer Apple Push Services

64. How to Apply Gradient to Background View of iOS Swift App

65. How to Create a Multiline Textfield in Swiftui

66. Set a Default Font For Whole iOS App

67. How to Get Current Location from User in iOS

68. How to Use Timer (Formerly Nstimer) in Swift

69. The Best Way to Remove Duplicate Values from Nsmutablearray in Objective-C

70. Uploading File With Parameters Using Alamofire

71. Background Location Services Not Working in iOS 7

72. Wait For Firebase to Load Before Returning from a Function

73. Returning Method Object from Inside Block

74. How to Use Background Thread in Swift

75. Making a Uitableview Scroll When Text Field Is Selected

76. What Is "Constrain to Margin" in Storyboard in Xcode 6

77. How to Record Audio on iPhone With Avaudiorecorder

78. iPhone App Minus App Store

79. Uilabel Sizetofit Doesn't Work With Autolayout iOS6

80. How to Install iOS 6 Sdk on Xcode 5

81. Convert Swift String to Array

82. Protocol Can Only Be Used as a Generic Constraint Because It Has Self or Associatedtype Requirements

83. Save Images in Nsuserdefaults

84. Swift Compiler Error: "Expression Too Complex" on a String Concatenation

85. How to Get Imei on iPhone

86. Difference Between Observedobject and Stateobject in Swiftui

87. Swift Iad - More Than 10 Instances of Adbannerview Warning and Cgaffinetransforminvert: Singular Matrix Output

88. Design For Facebook Authentication in an iOS App That Also Accesses a Secured Web Service

89. Core Data: Quickest Way to Delete All Instances of an Entity

90. iPhone Uitextfield - Change Placeholder Text Color

91. Why Isn't Projectname-Prefix.Pch Created Automatically in Xcode 6

92. How to Change Image Tintcolor in iOS and Watchkit

93. Uiscrollview Horizontal Paging Like Mobile Safari Tabs

94. "Warning: iPhone Apps Should Include an Armv6 Architecture" Even With Build Config Set

95. Text Inset For Uitextfield

96. Preferredstatusbarstyle Isn't Called

97. How to Inspect the View Hierarchy in iOS

98. How to Open Phone Settings When a Button Is Clicked

99. Provisioning Profile Doesn't Include the Application-Identifier and Keychain-Access-Groups Entitlements

100. How to Create a Custom Uiactivity in iOS

101. Determine on Iphone If User Has Enabled Push Notifications

102. Detecting the Call Events in Ios

103. Swift - How to Get the File Path Inside a Folder

104. Setting Custom Uitableviewcells Height

105. Adding Images or Videos to iPhone Simulator

106. Finish All Asynchronous Requests Before Loading Data

107. In Swift, How to Avoid Both Optionals and Nil Object References

108. Loading an Image into Uiimage Asynchronously

109. Uitableview - Change Section Header Color

110. Custom Uitableview Section Index

111. This Action Could Not Be Completed. Try Again (-22421)

112. Choosing the Right iOS Xml Parser

113. Ordered Map in Swift

114. Access Container View Controller from Parent iOS

115. Open iOS App from Browser

116. Looping Through Nsattributedstring Attributes to Increase Font Size

117. Swift 3: Type 'Any' Has No Subscript Members

118. Creating a Navigationcontroller Programmatically (Swift)

119. Is a Date in Same Week, Month, Year of Another Date in Swift

120. Decode Base64Url to Base64 -- Swift

121. How to Reference Instance Function When Calling Sequencetype.Foreach

122. How to Customize the Navigation Back Symbol and Navigation Back Text

123. When Do I Need to Call Setneedsdisplay in iOS

124. The Maximum Number of Apps for Free Development Profiles Has Been Reached. Xcode 11.5

125. What Does Main.Sync in Global().Async Mean

126. Uitableviewcelldeleteconfirmationcontrol Issue

127. How to Disable the Back Navigation Menu in iOS 14+

128. Xcode 10, Command Codesign Failed with a Nonzero Exit Code

129. How to Dismiss the iOS Keyboard

130. Change Frame Programmatically with Auto Layout

131. Could Not Cast Value of Type 'Uitableviewcell' to '(Appname).(Customcellname)'

132. React-Native iOS - How to Navigate to a Non-React-Native View (Native iOS View Controller) from a React-Native View with a Button Press

133. Detect App Launch from Widgetkit Widget Extension

134. Parse + Stripe iOS Main.Js

135. Search in Grouped Uitableview

136. How to Do Transforms on a Calayer

137. Disabled Uibutton Not Faded or Grey

138. Create and Store PDF Document Programmatically Using Swift for iOS

139. Swift - Coredata Migration - Set New Attribute Value According to Old Attribute Value

140. Swift 2.0 Minimum System Version Requirement (Deployment Target)

141. Add Uitapgesturerecognizer to Uitextview Without Blocking Textview Touches

142. How Long Does a Push Notification Sit in Queue Before Being Removed

143. Choosing Units with Measurementformatter

144. How to Implement Tableview Inside Tableview Cell in Swift 3

145. Perform Segue with Identifier Wont Work in Swift 2

146. Invalid Signature - Code Object Is Not Signed at All

147. Iphone: Can a Dev Other Than Team Agent Build an App for Distribution

148. Programmatically Linking Uipagecontrol to Uiscrollview

149. Uiscrollview Adjusts Contentoffset When Contentsize Changes

150. How to Cache Using Nsurlsession and Nsurlcache. Not Working

151. Symbolicate Crash in iOS8 with Xcode 6 .1

152. iOS 10 Rich Media Push Notification (Media Attachment) in Objective-C

153. Not Receiving Any Push Notification in Iphone

154. How to Wait for Method That Has Completion Block (All on Main Thread)

155. How to Play a Video from Either a Local or a Server Url in iOS

156. Nsurlcache and Etags

157. How to Find Out the Objective-C Generics Type

158. Camera Image Orientation

159. iOS Fix Search Bar on Top of the Uitableviewcontroller

160. How to Get All Nsrange of a Particular Character in a Nsstring

161. How to Get Camera Calibration Data on iOS? Aka Avcameracalibrationdata

162. Convert Uiview to .Png in Swift

163. iOS11 Uibarbuttonitem Not Working

164. Swiftui Animation and Subsequent Reverse Animation to Original State

165. iOS - Swift 3 - Dispatchgroup

166. Getting Uiwebview API Deprecation Message After Adding Paypal Pod in My iOS App

167. How to Call Secitemcopymatching in Xcode 7 Beta 4

168. How to Rotate a Scnsphere Using a Pan Gesture Recognizer

169. Getting Error Ambiguous Use of Tableview(_:Numberofrowsinsection:)

170. What Is Correct Way to Notify View Controller from Appdelegate

171. iOS 8 Uitableview First Row Has Wrong Height

172. How to Use Third Party Lib in Embedded Dynamic Framework for iOS with Swift

173. Data Repeat in UItableview When Scrolling

174. iOS - Running Background Task for Update User Location Using Swift

175. How to Sort Core Data Array Based on Date Entered