Swift Programming Articles

1. Inter-App Data Migration (Migrating Data to New App Version)

2. Remove or Edit User Location Blue Pulsing Circle

3. Making Buttons Appear and Disappear When Clicked

4. Play Video from Download Url

5. How to Fix Cocoapod .Modulemap File Not Found

6. How to Find String B Missing Characters Based on String a and Add Them to String B

7. How to Update the Constant Height Constraint of a Uiview Programmatically

8. Why Is an Observedobject Array Not Updated in My Swiftui Application

9. Go to a New View Using Swiftui

10. Rounding a Double Value to X Number of Decimal Places in Swift

11. How to Convert Double to Int in Swift

12. What Does "Fatal Error: Unexpectedly Found Nil While Unwrapping an Optional Value" Mean

13. Protocol Doesn't Conform to Itself

14. Using a Dispatch_Once Singleton Model in Swift

15. @Selector() in Swift

16. What Is an Optional Value in Swift

17. Get Nth Character of a String in Swift Programming Language

18. Read and Write a String from Text File

19. Firestore: How to Get Random Documents in a Collection

20. Round Trip Swift Number Types To/From Data

21. Swift 2 - Unsafemutablepointer≪Void≫ to Object

22. Segue and Button Programmatically Swift

23. What Enables Swiftui's Dsl

24. Swift 5.0: 'Withunsafebytes' Is Deprecated: Use 'Withunsafebytes≪R≫(...)

25. Append Text or Data to Text File in Swift

26. Swiftui Ios14 - Navigationview + List - Won't Fill Space

27. Swift: Print() VS Println() VS Nslog()

28. Nsdate Comparison Using Swift

29. Formatting Input For Currency With Nsnumberformatter in Swift

30. Sort Dictionary by Values in Swift

31. How to Generate a Random Number in Swift Without Repeating the Previous Random Number

32. Deinit Method Is Never Called - Swift Playground

33. The Use of Swift 3 @Objc Inference in Swift 4 Mode Is Deprecated

34. How to Get the Count of a Swift Enum

35. How to Set Associated Objects in Swift

36. How to Test Equality of Swift Enums With Associated Values

37. Dyld: Library Not Loaded: @Rpath/Libswift_Stdlib_Core.Dylib

38. What Is Aranchor Exactly

39. Object X of Class Y Does Not Implement Methodsignatureforselector in Swift

40. Swift Protocol With "Where Self" Clause

41. How to Apply the Type to a Nsfetchrequest Instance

42. Anyobject and Any in Swift

43. When Are Argument Labels Required in Swift

44. Swift Dictionary Get Key For Value

45. Why Can't I Pass a Protocol.Type to a Generic T.Type Parameter

46. How to Refresh Widget Data

47. Unexpected Non-Void Return Value in Void Function (Swift 2.0)

48. Multiple Functions With the Same Name

49. Nsdate Timeintervalsince1970 Not Working in Swift

50. Math Divison in Swift

51. Access Firebase Variable Outside Closure

52. #Pragma Mark in Swift

53. Changing the Status Bar Color For Specific Viewcontrollers Using Swift in iOS8

54. Measure Elapsed Time in Swift

55. Swift Optional Escaping Closure Parameter

56. Uialertcontroller - Add Custom Views to Actionsheet

57. Checking If an Object Is a Given Type in Swift

58. How to Change the Textual Representation Displayed For a Type in Swift

59. Swift Async Load Image

60. How to Detect If an Skspritenode Has Been Touched

61. Cannot Assign Property in Method of Struct

62. Swift - Spritekit Cgpoint Alignment

63. Instance Member Cannot Be Used on Type of Custom Class

64. How to Encode a String to Base64 in Swift

65. What Is Geometry Reader in Swiftui

66. Check Empty String in Swift

67. Swiftui Dismiss Modal

68. Getting "File Not Found" in Bridging Header When Importing Objective-C Frameworks into Swift Project

69. How to Get the Name of Enumeration Value in Swift

70. Can Swift Convert a Class/Struct Data into Dictionary

71. Can You Execute an Applescript Script from a Swift Application

72. Main Thread Checker: Ui API Called on a Background Thread: -[Uiapplication Applicationstate]

73. How to Create Generic Protocols in Swift

74. How to Remove Diacritics from a String in Swift

75. How to Check If a Firebase Database Value Exists

76. Extend Array Types Using Where Clause in Swift

77. Transparent Background For Modally Presented Viewcontroller

78. Get a Swift Variable's Actual Name as String

79. Unwrapping Multiple Optionals in If Statement

80. How Change Background Color If Using Navigationview in Swiftui

81. Xcode 8 Beta 3: Expected ',' Joining Parts of a Multi-Clause Condition

82. Weak References in Swift Playground Don't Work as Expected

83. Deletable Table With Textfield on Swiftui

84. Storing Values in Completionhandlers - Swift

85. In Swiftui, How to Increase the Height of a Button

86. Delete Folder With Contents from Firebase Storage

87. Fatal Error: Swapping a Location With Itself Is Not Supported With Swift 2.0

88. Using Navigationlink in Menu (Swiftui)

89. Cocoapods and Carthage

90. Inout Parameter in Async Callback Does Not Work as Expected

91. Having Hard Time Implement a Simple Singleton in Swift

92. Firebase Getting Data in Order

93. Swift: Converting a String into a Variable Name

94. "File Not Found" in Bridging Header When Importing Objective-C Frameworks into Swift Project by Cocoapod

95. How Flatmap API Contract Transforms Optional Input to Non Optional Result

96. How to Return Coordinates After Forward Geocoding

97. How to Make My Exponentiation Operator Work With All Numeric Types in Swift

98. How to See Which Version of Swift I'm Using

99. Why Do I Need Underscores in Swift

100. How to Create Range in Swift

101. Type Conversion When Using Protocol in Swift

102. Swift Cross Compile to Single Linux Binary

103. Uicollectionview - Resizing Cells on Device Rotate - Swift

104. Downloading and Caching Images from URL Asynchronously

105. Is There a Method to Blur a Background in SwiftUI

106.How to Simulate Mouse Click from MAC App to Other Application

107.Make a Uibarbuttonitem Disappear Using Swift iOS

108.Why Can't the Swift Compiler Infer This Closure's Type

109.How to Sort an Array in Swift

110.Which Format File for 3D Model Scenekit/Arkit Better to Use

111.Monitoring App Switching on Os X

112.Nslocale Swift 3

113.Cannot Add Alamofire to Swift Project

114.Swift - Get File Path of Currently Opened Document in Another Application

115.Swiftui - Add Border to One Edge of an Image

116. Why Can't I Divide Integers in Swift

117. Convert Opengl Shader to Metal (Swift) to Be Used in Cifilter

118. Convert Firdatasnapshot to Custom Type

119. Map Button Refresh Location

120. Checking When a Date Has Passed - Swift