Unexpected Non-Void Return Value in Void Function (Swift 2.0)

Unexpected non-void return value in void function Swift3

The problem is that you are trying to return a non-void value from inside a closure, which only returns from the closure, but since that closure expects a void return value, you receive the error.

You cannot return from an asynchronous function using the standard return ... syntax, you have to declare your function to accept a completion handler and return the value from the async network call inside the completion handler.

func findChat(string: String, completion: @escaping (Chat?)->()) {
var returnValue: (Chat?)
let url = getChatsURL
let Parameters = [ "title" : string ]

Alamofire.request("\(url)", method: .post, parameters: Parameters).validate().responseString { response in
if let anyResponse = response.result.value {
self.responseFromServer = anyResponse
if self.responseFromServer == "" {
} else {
let ref = DatabaseReference.chats.reference()
let query = ref.queryOrdered(byChild: "uid").queryEqual(toValue: (self.responseFromServer))
query.observe(.childAdded, with: { snapshot in
completion(Chat(dictionary: snapshot.value as! [String : Any]))

Then you can call this function and use the return value like this:

findChat(string: "inputString", completion: { chat in
if let chat = chat {
//use the return value
} else {
//handle nil response

Why i am getting Unexpected non-void return value in void function error while returning value in swift?

I think AuthManager.shared.saveAddressAsWorkHome(params) { (response) in this is asynchronous closure and you are try to return a value in it so you getting this error.

You can not return from asynchronous function directly. You have to add a completion handler on your method and return the value from async in completion handler

So you have to change your function

func getLatDestination(completion : @escaping (Double) -> ()){
var params = [String: Any]()
params[ParametersKeys.access_token] = KeyChain.getAccessToken()!
params[ParametersKeys.address] = googlePlaceObject?.results.first?.formattedAddress
params[ParametersKeys.latitude] = googlePlaceObject?.results.first?.geometry.location.lat
params[ParametersKeys.longitude] = googlePlaceObject?.results.first?.geometry.location.lng
params[ParametersKeys.googlePlaceId] = googlePlaceObject?.results.last?.placeId
params[ParametersKeys.login_type] = 1

AuthManager.shared.saveAddressAsWorkHome(params) { (response) in
if response.flag == RESPONSE_FLAGS.flag_143 {
if let addressData = response.response["addresses"] as? [[String: Any]] {


And when you call your function

getLatDestination(completion: {ret in

Swift - unexpected non-void return value in void function

You are missing return type in your method header.

func calculateDistance(location: CLLocation) -> CLLocationDistance {

Seemingly my answer looks as an inferior duplicate, so some addition.

Functions (including methods, in this case) declared without return types are called as void function, because:

func f() {

is equivalent to:

func f() -> Void {

Usually, you cannot return any value from such void functions.
But, in Swift, you can return only one value (I'm not sure it can be called as "value"), "void value" represented by ().

func f() {
return () //<- No error here.

Now, you can understand the meaning of the error message:

unexpected non-void return value in void function

You need to change the return value or else change the return type Void to some other type.

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