R Programming Articles

R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing, graphics representation, and reporting. This programming language is used by more than 2 million statisticians and data scientists across the world, and with the wider adoption of R language for business applications, the usage of this statistical software is increasing exponentially. As well all know, it is being hard to learn and different from many programming languages. The syntax of R, unlike languages like Python, is very difficult to read. Basic operations like selecting, naming, and renaming variables are more confusing in R than they are in other languages.

The following articles are the newest and most popular questions about R programming language.

1. How to Remove Rows With Any Zero Value

2. Delete Rows That Exist in Another Data Frame

3. Count Occurrences of Value in a Set of Variables in R (Per Row)

4. Remove Specific Characters from Column Names in R

5. Selecting Multiple Odd or Even Columns/Rows for Dataframe

6. Use First Row Data as Column Names in R

7. How to Get Rowsums for Selected Columns in R

8. R Collapse Multiple Rows into 1 Row - Same Columns

9. How Split Column of List-Values into Multiple Columns

10. Adding a New Column Based Upon Values in Another Column Using Dplyr

11. Divide All Columns by the Value from the 2Nd Column - Apply for All Rows

12. How to Control Ordering of Stacked Bar Chart Using Identity on Ggplot2

13. Calculate Max Value Across Multiple Columns by Multiple Groups

14. R: Pulling Data from One Column to Create New Columns

15. How to Test When Condition Returns Numeric(0) in R

16. How to Add Row and Column to a Dataframe of Different Length

17. If Else Statements to Check If a String Contains a Substring in R

18. Creating a Boxplot for Each Column in R

19. How to Sort a Data Frame by Alphabetic Order of a Character Variable in R

20. Change Column Value Based on Another Column, But Only for Certain Conditions in the First and Second Column (R)

21. How to Keep Columns When Grouping/Summarizing

22. Using Ifelse Statement on the Whole Dataset Instead of a Single Column

23. Combing a Categorical Variable to Create a New Categorical Variable in R

24. Subtracting Two Columns to Give a New Column in R

25. Remove Unwanted Symbols from Expression Function - R

26. Conditional Replacement of a Comma With a Dot in a Numeric Column

27. How to Remove the Negative Values from a Data Frame in R

28. R - Getting Characters After Symbol

29. Error in Confusion Matrix:The Data and Reference Factors Must Have the Same Number of Levels

30. Creating a for Loop to Subset Data on R

31. Calculate Row Means on Subset of Columns

32. How to Change the Spacing Between Legend Items in Ggplot2

33. Remove Total Value for One Column in Powerbi

34. Duplicate Columns in Spark Dataframe

35. Add Legend to Geom_Line() Graph in R

36. How to Add a Row to Data Frame Based on a Condition

37. Combine Two Lists in a Dataframe in R

38. How to Filter Multiple Columns With Same Condition in R

39. How to Give Subtitles for Subplot in Plot_Ly Using R

40. Easier Way to Use Grepl and Ifelse Across Multiple Columns

41. Converting Year and Month ("Yyyy-Mm" Format) to a Date

42. Filter Data.Frame Rows by a Logical Condition

43. Count Number of Rows Within Each Group

44. How to Add Leading Zeros

45. Plotting Two Variables as Lines Using Ggplot2 on the Same Graph

46. Quickly Reading Very Large Tables as Dataframes

47. Faster Ways to Calculate Frequencies and Cast from Long to Wide

48. Add Legend to Ggplot2 Line Plot

49. How to Find the Statistical Mode

50. Remove Rows With All or Some Nas (Missing Values) in Data.Frame

51. Calculate Group Mean, Sum, or Other Summary Stats. and Assign Column to Original Data

52. Use Dynamic Name For New Column/Variable in 'Dplyr'

53. Drop Unused Factor Levels in a Subsetted Data Frame

54. R Memory Management/Cannot Allocate Vector of Size N Mb

55. Split Delimited Strings in a Column and Insert as New Rows

56. Order Discrete X Scale by Frequency/Value

57. Split Data.Frame Based on Levels of a Factor into New Data.Frames

58. Find Complement of a Data Frame (Anti - Join)

59. Combine a List of Data Frames into One Data Frame by Row

60. Add Regression Line Equation and R^2 on Graph

61. How to Create a Lag Variable Within Each Group

62. Why Are My Dplyr Group_By & Summarize Not Working Properly? (Name-Collision With Plyr)

63. How to Use Pivot_Longer to Reshape from Wide-Type Data to Long-Type Data With Multiple Variables

64. Data.Table VS Dplyr: Can One Do Something Well the Other Can't or Does Poorly

65. How to Set Limits For Axes in Ggplot2 R Plots

66. Grep Using a Character Vector With Multiple Patterns

67. Convert Data.Frame Columns from Factors to Characters

68. Error in ≪My Code≫: Object of Type 'Closure' Is Not Subsettable

69. Rcpp Package Doesn't Include Rcpp_Precious_Remove

70. Complete Dataframe With Missing Combinations of Values

71. Annotating Text on Individual Facet in Ggplot2

72. Is the "*Apply" Family Really Not Vectorized

73. Finding Local Maxima and Minima

74. Interpreting "Condition Has Length ≫ 1" Warning from 'If' Function

75. Expand Ranges Defined by "From" and "To" Columns

76. Add Column Which Contains Binned Values of a Numeric Column

77. Reorder Bars in Geom_Bar Ggplot2 by Value

78. Only Read Selected Columns

79. Controlling Number of Decimal Digits in Print Output in R

80. In R, How to Get an Object'S Name After It Is Sent to a Function

81. Using Reshape from Wide to Long in R

82. General Suggestions For Debugging in R

83. Filter Rows Which Contain a Certain String

84. How to Change Facet Labels

85. Explicitly Calling Return in a Function or Not

86. Filtering a Data Frame by Values in a Column

87. How to Read Multiple .Txt Files into R

88. Creating Co-Occurrence Matrix

89. How to Convert a List Consisting of Vector of Different Lengths to a Usable Data Frame in R

90. Plot Multiple Columns on the Same Graph in R

91. Make the Background of a Graph Different Colours in Different Regions

92. Matching Multiple Patterns

93. Is There an R Function For Finding the Index of an Element in a Vector

94. Increase Number of Axis Ticks

95. Fastest Way to Replace Nas in a Large Data.Table

96. Plot a Legend Outside of the Plotting Area in Base Graphics

97. Extract a Dplyr Tbl Column as a Vector

98. Convert Row Names into First Column

99. Cannot Install R-Forge Package Using Install.Packages

100. How to Count the Number of Unique Values by Group

101. Long/Bigint/Decimal Equivalent Datatype in R

102. Combine Two or More Columns in a Dataframe into a New Column With a New Name

103. Horizontal/Vertical Line in Plotly

104. Check If the Number Is Integer

105. Finding Percentage in a Sub-Group Using Group_By and Summarise

106. How to Upgrade R in Linux

107. Data.Table with Two String Columns of Set Elements, Extract Unique Rows with Each Row Unsorted

108. Can't Print to PDF Ggplot Charts

109. Line Break When No Data in Ggplot2

110. Combine Column to Remove Na's

111. Avoid String Printed to Console Getting Truncated (In Rstudio)

112. Inst and Extdata Folders in R Packaging

113. Rscript Does Not Load Methods Package, R Does -- Why, and What Are the Consequences

114. How to Reorder Data.Table Columns (Without Copying)

115. Colorbar from Custom Colorramppalette

116. How to Match by Nearest Date from Two Data Frames

117. Use Filter in Dplyr Conditional on an If Statement in R

118. Is There a Weighted.Median() Function

119. Loop in R: How to Save the Outputs

120. R - Markdown Avoiding Package Loading Messages

121. Can't Loop with R's Leaflet Package to Produce Multiple Maps

122. How to Resolve Spherical Geometry Failures When Joining Spatial Data

123. Force Mapply to Return a List

124. How to Use Cast or Another Function to Create a Binary Table in R

125. Importing a Big Xlsx File into R

126. Generating a Call Graph in R

127. Programming-Safe Version of Subset - to Evaluate Its Condition While Called from Another Function

128. Remove Part of a String in Dataframe Column (R)

129. List Members Can Be Accessed with Partial Name? Is This a Feature

130. Soap Request in R

131. Multiple Boxplots Using Ggplot

132. Diagnosing R Package Build Warning: "Latex Errors When Creating PDF Version"

133. Align Violin Plots with Dodged Box Plots

134. Daily Time Series with Ts.. How to Specify Start and End

135. Names of R's Available Packages

136. Count Unique Combinations of Values

137. Renaming and Hiding an Exported Rcpp Function in an R Package

138. Connect R and Vertica Using Rodbc

139. Repeat Vector to Fill Down Column in Data Frame

140. How to Compare Two Factors with Different Levels

141. How to Request an Early Exit When Knitting an Rmd Document

142. Filter Out Rows from One Data.Frame That Are Present in Another Data.Frame

143. Sort a Factor Based on Value in One or More Other Columns

144. How to Screenshot a Website Using R

145. How to Convert Mm:Ss.00 to Seconds.00

146. How Do We Plot Images at Given Coordinates in R

147. Shiny Dashboard Mainpanel Height Issue

148. Text Color Based on Contrast Against Background

149. How to Rename Element's List Indexed by a Loop in R

150. R: Further Subset a Selection Using the Pipe %>% and Placeholder

151. Extract English Words from a Text in R

152. R Histogram from Frequency Table

153. How to Add a Legend for the Secondary Axis Ggplot

154. As.Alist.Character

155. Arranging Ggally Plots with Gridextra

156. Rank a Vector Based on Order and Replace Ties with Their Average

157. What Best Practices Do You Use for Programming in R

158. Putting X-Axis at Top of Ggplot2 Chart

159. Plot Every Column in a Data Frame as a Histogram on One Page Using Ggplot

160. How to Plot 3D Scatter Diagram Using Ggplot

161. Exporting R Regression Summary for Publishable Paper

162. How to Change Color of Facet Borders When Using Facet_Grid

163. How to Increase Stack Space Overflow for Pandoc in R

164. Plotting Continuous and Discrete Series in Ggplot with Facet

165. Find the Index of the Column in Data Frame That Contains the String as Value

166. Convert Map Data to Data Frame Using Fortify {Ggplot2} for Spatial Objects in R

167. Different Y-Limits on Ggplot Facet Grid Bar Graph

168. Aggregating Values on a Data Tree with R

169. Independently Move 2 Legends Ggplot2 on a Map

170. Add Hline with Population Median for Each Facet

171. Plotly Regression Line R

172. Joining Two Data.Tables in R Based on Multiple Keys and Duplicate Entries

173. R Plotly: Preserving Appearance of Two Legends When Converting Ggplot2 with Ggplotly

174. Calculate Peak Values in a Plot Using R

175. Horizontal Rule in R Markdown/Bookdown Causing Errors