Android Development and Programming Articles

Android does not require specific technical experience, making it easier for developers of varying skills to master it. Despite Java being the official programming language for Android, not all applications are written in it. A majority of developers also use BASIC and Kotlin. In some rare cases, C++ can also be used. With the Android market growing rapidly, the job opportunities for Android developers are also increasing. So if you want to take Android development as a career option, then you can easily get a good salary package in this industry.

The following articles are the newest and most popular questions about Android.

1. How to Display a Pdf Via Android Web Browser Without "Downloading" First

2. How to Get Imsi Number in Android Using Command Line

3. Error With Android Studio: Cannot Launch Avd in Emulator

4. Http Failure Response for (Unknown Url): 0 Unknown Error on Android

5. Android Emulator Is Start But Window Show Blank Screen

6. Detect or Prevent If User Uses Fake Location

7. How to Set Space Between Listview Items in Android

8. React Native | Failed to Install the App. Please Accept All Necessary Sdk Licenses Using Sdk Manager

9. Remove Apk from Library in Google Play Developer Console

10. Android: How to Open a Specific Folder Via Intent and Show Its Content in a File Browser

11. How to Set Up Android Studio to Work Completely Offline

12. How to Access /Storage/Emulated/0/

13. How to Access Data/Data Folder in Android Device

14. How to Format Credit Card Expiry Date in Mm/Yy When Entered by User

15. How to Unlock Android Phone Through Adb

16. How to Place an Imageview on Top of Another Imageview in Android

17. How to Remove Android Auto-Suggest Underlining in Edittext

18. How to Disable Behind View Click Event Framelayout

19. Remove Green Border Around Android Application

20. How to Set Value for Each Item Button Increase and Decrease Click and Set That Value in Text View

21. How to Capitalize the First Letter of Text in a Textview in an Android Application

22. Refresh/Reload/Re Instantiate a Fragment in an Android Tab System

23. Android: Keep Service Running When App Is Killed

24. Update Some Specific Field of an Entity in Android Room

25. Could Not Write Request: No Suitable Httpmessageconverter Found for Request Type [Org.Json.Jsonobject] and Content Type [Application/Json]

26. How to Execute Code When Application Is Closing

27. Firebase Error W/Dynamitemodule: Local Module Descriptor Class for Com.Google.Firebase.Auth Not Found

28. Android Studio - Failed to Apply Plugin [Id 'Com.Android.Application']

29. Install Apps Silently, With Granted Install_Packages Permission

30. How to Check Miui Autostart Permission Programmatically

31. How to Set Transparency of a Background Image Android Xml File

32. How to Delete or Remove Cardview from Recyclerview - Android Studio

33. How to Make a New Line or Tab in <String> Xml (Eclipse/Android)

34. How to Set the Height of an Item Row in Gridlayoutmanager

35. How to Validate Password Field in Android

36. Open External Links in the Browser With Android Webview

37. Android: Textview: Remove Spacing and Padding on Top and Bottom

38. Reload Recyclerview from Within the Adapter of the Recycler View

39. How to Avoid Keyboard Pushing Layout Up on Android React-Native

40. Android How to Get Current Positon on Recyclerview That User Scrolled to Item

41. Android Push Notifications Not Being Received When App Closed

42. Pdf Not Open in Webview from Url

43. React Native: Determine Number of Lines of Text Component

44. Gujarati Font Rendering

45. Retrofit 2 Json Response Json Array and Object

46. Android - How to Make a Button Click Play a Sound File Every Time It Been Pressed

47. Android.Support.V7.App.Activitycompat Not Found

48. Images Are Not Visible in React-Native App Release Build

49. Android Studio: Emulator Is Running But Not Showing Up in Run App "Choose a Running Device"

50. How to Convert Image to Zpl Code for Printing Using Zebra Printer

51. Android Studio - Textview Not Showing in Design View Layout

52. How to Completely Disable Selinux in Android L in the Init.Rc File

53. How to Emulate Gps Location in the Android Emulator

54. Android Textview Text Not Getting Wrapped

55. How to Delete Shared Preferences Data from App in Android

56. How to Select a Video from the Gallery and Get It's Real Path

57. Android:Strike Out Text With Bold or Thicker Line Than Default Strike_Thru_Text_Flag

58. Recyclerview Cannot Be Scrolled

59. Android Scrollview Not Scrolling Down After Keyboard Opens

60. Alarm Manager Won't Work When the App Is Killed in the Background and Device Is Locked

61. How to Clear Navigation Stack After Navigating to Another Fragment in Android

62. Super.Onbackpressed() and Finish() Exits the App

63. How to Play the Audio Files Directly from Res/Raw Folder

64. How to Restrict Entry of Numbers But Allow All the Special Characters and Alphabets in Edittext

65. How to Create a Video from an Array of Images in Android

66. React Native Fetch Network Request Failed on Android

67. Videoview to Match Parent Height and Keep Aspect Ratio

68. How to Get Data from Edit Text in a Recyclerview

69. How to Auto Fit Recyclerview Items to the Width of Screen Android

70. How to Create an Android View Pager With a Dots Indicator

71. Charging Animation for Android

72. Httpmessagenotreadableexception: Could Not Read Json: Unrecognized Field Using Spring for Android

73. How to Display a Loading Spinner While Getting Data from Firestore

74. How to Open Fragment from Recyclerview Adapter

75. Getting Size of an Image(In Kb or Mb) Selected from Gallery Programatically

76. How to Receive Fcm Push Notifications When App Is Killed

77. Android Q, Programmatically Connect to Different Wifi Ap for Internet

78. How to Programmatically Change the Colour of a Textview, to a Colour Saved in an Attributes File

79. How to Remove Unnecessary Margins from Toolbar

80. Showing Thumbnail for Link in Whatsapp || Og:Image Meta-Tag Doesn't Work

81. Adb Error (Error: Protocol Fault (Couldn't Read Status): Invalid Argument)

82. Disable Ssl as a Protocol in Httpsurlconnection

83. Recyclerview Is Cutting Off the Last Item

84. Android Adb Devices Does Not Detect My Phone

85. How to Disable Edittext in Android

86. Getting the Current Fragment Instance in the Viewpager

87. How to Automatically Open App When Receive Push Notification

88. How to Select Just One Radiobutton With Recyclerview Android

89. How to Open Whatsapp Using an Intent in Your Android App

90. How to Disable Viewpager from Swiping in One Direction

91. I Want to Change Actionbar Icon Size

92. What Is Install_Parse_Failed_No_Certificates Error

93. Control the Default Music Player of Android or Any Other Music Player

94. Android: How to Turn Screen on and Off Programmatically

95. How to Add Many Spaces After the Text in Textview

96. How to Enable/Disable Floatingactionbutton Behavior

97. How to Check If Activity Is in Foreground or in Visible Background

98. How to Turn a Portable Sd Card into Internal Storage Via Adb Command

99. Android Studio Sdk Location

100. Viewmodel Onchange Gets Called Multiple Times When Back from Fragment

101. Save Arraylist to Sharedpreferences

102. How to Show Current Location on a Google Map on Android Marshmallow

103. Ffmpeg on Android

104. Drawing a Line/Path on Google Maps

105. Detect Home Button Press in Android

106. How to Clear Gradle Cache

107. Set Up Device For Development (? No Permissions)

108. Android Chrome Ignoring -Webkit-Text-Size-Adjust:None Property. Text Is Being Scaled When Zoomed Out

109. Error "The Connection to Adb Is Down, and a Severe Error Has Occurred."

110. You Have Not Accepted the License Agreements of the Following Sdk Components

111. Intercept Back Button from Soft Keyboard

112. Clickable Area of Image

113. Why Should We Use Xml Layouts

114. Remove Data from Notification Intent

115. Android Studio - Mergedebugresources Exception

116. Arrayadapter in Android to Create Simple Listview

117. Uploading Images to Server Android

118. Why Do I Get "Unresolved Reference" Error for My View's Name/Id When I Type It in Kotlin

119. Listview Getchildat Returning Null for Visible Children

120. How to Interface with the Badgeprovider on Samsung Phones to Add a Count to the App Icon

121. How to Retrieve the Android Sdk Version

122. Why Is Android Studio Reporting "Uri Is Not Registered"

123. Store Android SQLite

124. Emulator Error: This Avd's Configuration Is Missing a Kernel File

125. Change the Locale at Runtime

126. What's Oncreate(Bundle Savedinstancestate)

127. Delete Alarm from Alarmmanager Using Cancel() - Android

128. Androidstudio Cannot Find Layout

129. How to Customize Item Background and Item Text Color Inside Navigationview

130. How to Detect When a User Plugs Headset on Android Device? (Opposite of Action_Audio_Becoming_Noisy)

131. How to Use an Arrayadapter in Android of Custom Objects

132. Fragments in Android 2.2.1, 2.3, 2.0. Is This Possible

133. How to Get Name of Wifi-Network Out of Android Using Android API

134. Android Ssl - Sni Support

135. How to Check Edittext's Text Is Email Address or Not

136. Flutter Does Not Find Android Sdk

137. How to Get Data from Service to Activity

138. Firebase Auth Using Phone Number and Password

139. Android Asynctask Testing with Android Test Framework

140. Mongodb on Android

141. How to to Check If a User Has Rated Your App on the Google Play

142. Android Studio Build.Gradle Warning Message

143. Android List View Refresh

144. Error: Failed to Resolve: Com.Android.Support:Appcompat-V7:29.0.1'

145. Starting Activity from Fragment Causes Nullpointerexception

146. Changing Text Color of Menu Item in Navigation Drawer

147. Identifying Rtl Language in Android

148. Android Studio 2.0 - Pause/White Screen on App First Run

149. How to Create Parallelogram Shape Background

150. How to Hide a Folder in Sdcard in Android

151. When Exactly Are Onsaveinstancestate() and Onrestoreinstancestate() Called

152. App Not Setup: This App Is Still in Development Mode

153. Calculate the Size of a List View or How to Tell It to Fully Expand

154. React Native Adb Reverse Enoent

155. Run-As Package 'A.B.C' Is Unknown - Galaxy S4 Jellybean or Android 4.3

156. Display a Part of the Webpage on the Webview Android

157. How to Detect If Any of My Activity Is Front-Most and Visible to User

158. Display Unity Scene as Sub View in Android Studio

159. Differencebetween Sendstickybroadcast and Sendbroadcast in Android

160. Java.Lang.Illegalstateexception: the Specified Child Already Has a Parent

161. How to Delete from Firebase Realtime Database

162. Pass Parcelable Argument with Compose Navigation

163. Savedinstancestate Is Always Null in Fragment

164. How to Search for a Value in Firebase Android

165. Android Edittext Hint

166. Call an Activity Method from a Broadcastreceiver Class

167. Vectordrawablecompat Resources$Notfoundexception on Kitkat and Below

168. Android Add Image to Webview from a Drawable

169. Error Inflating Class Android.Support.V4.View.Viewpager

170. How to Create a Floating Action Button (Fab) in Android, Using Appcompat V21

171. Backup/Restore Sqlite Db in Android

172. Apply Two Different Font Styles to a Textview

173. Android Signing with Ant

174. Android - Creating a New Activity in Eclipse

175. Android Gcm Basic Implementation