Emulator Error: This Avd's Configuration Is Missing a Kernel File

Emulator error: This AVD's configuration is missing a kernel file

The "ARM EABI v7a System Image" must be available. Install it via the Android SDK manager:
Android SDK manager

Another hint (see here) - with

  • Android SDK Tools rev 17 or higher
  • Android 4.0.3 (API Level 15)
  • using SDK rev 3 and System Image rev 2 (or higher)

you are able to turn on GPU emulation to get a faster emulator:
Sample Image

Note : As per you786 comment if you have previously created emulator then you need to recreate it, otherwise this will not work.

Alternative 1
Intel provides the "Intel hardware accelerated execution manager", which is a VM based emulator for executing X86 images and which is also served by the Android SDK Manager. See a tutorial for the Intel emulator here: HAXM Speeds Up the Android Emulator. Roman Nurik posts here that the Intel emulator with Android 4.3 is "blazing fast".

Alternative 2
In the comments of the post above you can find a reference to Genymotion which claims to be the "fastest Android emulator for app testing and presentation". Genymotion runs on VirtualBox. See also their site on Google+, this post from Cyril Mottier and this guide on reddit.

Alternative 3
In XDA-Forums I read about MEmu - Most Powerful Android Emulator for PC, Better Than Bluestacks. You can find the emulator here. This brings me to ...

Alternative 4
... this XDA-Forum entry: How to use THE FAST! BlueStack as your alternate Android development emulator. You can find the emulator here.

“kernel-qemu” is missing. - AVD Manager

I fixed this by using a virtual device with Android 9.0.
Also, another option is to use Genymotion.

Please ensure the file kernel-ranchu is in the same location as your system image

My solution to this was just to use the android-24 and android-26 system images. They worked when the android-21 did not.

Android emulator error:missing kernel file

Update your SDK. Do check again if the ARM EZBI v&a system Image is installed correctly. If it not installed. you will see it in the Android Sdk Manager.
Also check whether your SDK path and java path is set properly. It may very well be the case of file not found. check this link it may help.

This AVD's configuration is missing a kernel file!! Android Studio 1.0.2 OOB

I couldn't answer the original question, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26404549/this-avds-configuration-is-missing-a-kernel-file, as it was marked as a duplicate so I split my answer into a Q and A:

I've 2 other Android SDK's installed and my environment variables had previously pointed to one:


I tried deleting these and creating a new AVD to the same effect. My %PATH% variable was mercifully free of the Android SDK.

What worked for me was restarting the AVD. I'll need to restart Android Studio if I want to see that working too, eventually.

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