Android Studio 2.0 - Pause/White Screen on App First Run

Android Studio 2.0 - pause/white screen on App first run

Check image for reference
Turn off Instant Run in Settings.
File>Settings>Build,Deployment>Instant Run
Deselect all options shown there.

Now white screen problem is solved.

In android studio 2.0,My APK size was 16 MB while using Instant Run.
Without using Instant Run it became 27 MB.
While in 1.5 .. the size was 27 MB.

Instant Run is the culprit.

  • White screen Issue/ Instant Run is only for Debug builds .. Issue will not affect release builds.

Android Studio - blank white screen when running Ionic App on an emulator

For whoever meets the same issue.

It turns out that my problem was the path where ionic build builds the project (dist) and the webDir path on my capacitor.config.json (public) weren't matched.

After syncing them the app was running just fine

Why does my App start incredibly slow (10s+) at first run, showing only white screen on android 5.0?

This is because Instant Run takes awhile to load. The blank/white screen will go away in production builds.

I'm not sure why Instant Run takes so long to load. If you look in the app's internal cache directory you will see quite a few dex files. There was an article about how Instant Run works posted a couple days ago here:

You can disable Instant Run or just be aware that your production builds will not have this blank white screen.

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White screen at start when running debug variant

It is because you're using Android studio instant run.

You can disable it like this:

Properties -> Instant Run -> uncheck 'Enable Instant Run...'

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