How to Access /Storage/Emulated/0/

How to access /storage/emulated/0/

As Hiren stated, you'll need a file explorer to see your directory. If you're rooted I highly suggest root explorer, otherwise ES File Explorer is a good choice.

How to access/(read files from) /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ folderpath in Android 11?

Simply, you can use

context.getExternalFilesDir(String type)

where type parameter refers to the type of file e.g. Environment.DIRECTORY_PICTURES or Environment.DIRECTORY_MUSIC, etc...

if you would like to access the folder itself, just pass null to getExternalFilesDir method.

val folder = applicationContext.getExternalFilesDir(null)
val files = folder?.listFiles()
Log.d("Your Tag", "onCreate: ${folder?.path}")
Log.d("Your Tag", "onCreate: Your files are ${files}")

this will return the path as:


Your files are ....

Migrate folder in /storage/emulated/0/my_folder from Android 10 to 11

With intent ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE you can let the user choose your <myfolder>.

For new installations use /storage/emulated/0/Documents/<my_folder> instead.

There is no reason to copy files or folders.

Not able to access storage even if storage permission is granted in flutter

when permission_handler package send request to user with request() function, we made in await so after close dialog you check second time if permission granted or not and if permission granted then perform other stuff to download file else you can again send request for the permission.

/// Snippet when user clicks on download second time 
final permission =;
final status = await permission.status;
debugPrint('>>>Status $status'); /// here it is coming as PermissionStatus.granted
if (status != PermissionStatus.granted) {
await permission.request();
if(await permission.status.isGranted){
directory = Directory('/storage/emulated/0/Download');
///perform other stuff to download file
} else {
await permission.request();
debugPrint('>>> ${await permission.status}');
directory = Directory('/storage/emulated/0/Download');
///perform other stuff to download file

How to get access to list of files from /storage/emulated/0

First: mentioned directory path is accessible for all apps.

Second: listings can be done with new File(path).listFiles();

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