Flutter Does Not Find Android Sdk

Flutter does not find android sdk

Flutter provides a command to update the Android SDK path:

Use :

flutter config --android-sdk <path-to-your-android-sdk-path>

Flutter is not finding android sdk

  1. You can try this:

flutter config --android-sdk <path-to-your-android-sdk>

  1. Also you can add the sdk path to Environment variables.

    --> Open system properties

    --> Environment variables

    --> create new system variable

    --> name: ANDROID_HOME

    --> value: your SDK path

    --> close your current cmd, and restart it

    --> run flutter doctor

  2. Another one you can try to check the path to your sdk (C:\Users\rehan\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\build-tools\32.1.0-rc1\aapt) And if the folder in C:\...\build-tools\ don't contain aapt.exe deleting this folder. Restart cmd and try the doctor again.

Flutter Android SDK file not found

try this...

open cmd or terminal and run below command

flutter config --android-sdk <path-to-your-android-sdk-path>

hope this will work

Flutter does not find android sdk - vdcode Ubuntu

I had to restart my laptop, then ran again this command inside vscode terminal flutter config --android-sdk "PATH TO ANDROID SDK" , now it works!

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