Remove Apk from Library in Google Play Developer Console

How do I delete an artifact build from the new dev console on google play?

In the App bundle explorer page of the Play Console, you can delete APKs and App Bundles which have not yet been released.

screenshot of play console -- app bundle explorer

You can see in the example above that the "Remove APK" button appears because, even though the APK is in a release, that release is still in a draft. In that case, you would need to first remove the APK (or App Bundle) from the release, save the release (important!), then go back to the App bundle explorer and click that "Remove APK" button again.

If your APK or App Bundle has already been released to a track (even in a testing track at 1%), then you cannot delete the artifact. It will remain permanently in the Play Console. As far as I know, this is the same behaviour in the both old and new Play Console.

Can I still remove and upload a new apk in google play console before publish?

Update 16 Feb 2020

As pointed out by @tuexss in the comments, the Artifact Library has been replaced by App Bundle Explorer

Original Answer

You can upload a new APK with the same version code and a version number if you haven't published the old APK. All you have to do is discard the current release, go to the artifact library and delete the old APK and then create a new release from the console and upload your new APK with the same version code and version number.

If you have published the old APK, i.e., you have pressed the start rollout to production button then you need to upload a new APK with increased version code. The version number isn't mandatory to be increased in every new release although increasing it will help you track the data in a better way.

In either case, you will not have to fill out the play console details again.

How to remove application from app listings on Android Developer Console

No, you can unpublish but once your application has been live on the market you cannot delete it. (Each package name is unique and Google remembers all package names anyway so you could use this a reminder)

The "Delete" button only works for unpublished version of your app. Once you published your app or a particular version of it, you cannot delete it from the Market. However, you can still "unpublish" it. The "Delete" button is only handy when you uploaded a new version, then you realized you goofed and want to remove that new version before publishing it.

A reference

Update, 2016

you can now filter out unpublished or draft apps from your listing.

Sample Image

Unpublish option can be found in the header area, beside PUBLISHED text.
Unpublish link


Due to changes in the new play console, the unpublish option was moved to a different location as follows.

Click All Apps in the left pane. Then click the app you want to remove.

Then under the Setup option in the left pane, Click Advanced Settings.

Then under App Availablity on the right, change the status to UnPublished and click Save Changes at the bottom.

Take a look at the image below:

New UnPublish screenshot

Google play console remove app from Publishing overview

I have contacted Google development support:

Unfortunately, we cannot deactivate the non-compliant version on your behalf. You will need to release a new compliant APK on the production track in order to deactivate the non-compliant APK. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

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