Android Studio Sdk Location

Android Studio SDK location

Download the SDK from here: to C:\android-sdk\.

Then when you launch Android Studio again, it will prompt you for the SDK path just point it to: C:\android-sdk\.

Update: new download location,

AndroidStudio SDK directory does not exist

Right click your project and select 'Open Module Settings' under SDK Location put your location for your SDK.

paste in /Users/AhmadMusa/Library/Android/sdk

Clean and rebuild your project


Try to delete your file and create a new one, but do not check it into version control.

Right click top level of project and Create new file ''
then add: sdk.dir=/Users/AhmadMusa/Library/Android/sdk

Clean and build

android studio common sdk folder for all users

Android Studio SDK is usually installed under C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\Android\sdk folder. If you want to access it from different user, you should consider installing it on a different drive or configure & move your current SDK to a different drive. That should do the work.
Haven't tried yet but this should surely work.

Your SDK location contains non-ASCII characters - no Android in Tools Menu

As a matter of fact at the moment there is no other way than to re-install Android Studio to some other directory with no non-ASCII characters and blank spaces, like С:\Android\SDK

Finding Android SDK on Mac and adding to PATH

1. How to find it

  • Open Android studio, go to Android Studio > Preferences
  • Search for sdk
  • Something similar to this (this is a Windows box as you can see) will show Sample Image

You can see the location there – most of the time it is:


2. How to install it, if not there

  • Go to Android standalone SDK download page
  • Download the zip file for macOS
  • Extract it to a directory

Standalone SDK download page

3. How to add it to the path

Open your Terminal edit your ~/.bash_profile file in nano by typing:

nano ~/.bash_profile

If you use Zsh, edit ~/.zshrc instead.

Go to the end of the file and add the directory path to your $PATH:

export PATH="${HOME}/Library/Android/sdk/tools:${HOME}/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools:${PATH}"
  • Save it by pressing Ctrl+X
  • Restart the Terminal
  • To see if it is working or not, type in the name of any file or binary which are inside the directories that you've added (e.g. adb) and verify it is opened/executed

What is the default Android SDK path used by Android Studio?

From searching in the web it seems to be:

  • Linux: ~/Android/Sdk
  • Mac: ~/Library/Android/sdk
  • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Android\sdk

I find it odd to have inconsistent paths and even the lower/upper case for Linux and Mac ("Sdk" vs "sdk"), but it seems to be this way...

Android SDK location should not contain whitespace, as this cause problems with NDK tools

As the warning message states, the SDK location should not contain whitespace.

Your SDK is at C:\Users\Giacomo B\AppData\Local\Android\sdk. There is a whitespace character in Giacomo B.

The easiest solution is to move the SDK somewhere else, where there is no space or other whitespace character in the path, such as C:\Android\sdk. You can point both Android Studio installations to the new location.

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