C# Programming Articles

C# is a modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language that can be used to create a number of different programs and applications, like mobile apps, desktop apps, cloud-based services, websites, enterprise software, and games. Nowadays, many modern companies still use C# programming language, especially when developing business applications that target the Windows environment. C# is still a leading web language that also supports the development of games for video game consoles.

The following articles are the newest and most popular questions about the C# programming language.

1. How to Save/Download Pdf Embedded in Web Page Without a Pdf Filename

2. How to Reference Assemblies Using Visual Studio Code

3. Validate Drivers License Numbers

4. Updating an Object from a List in C#

5. How to Convert Any Date Format to Yyyy-Mm-Dd

6. C# Linq Using Null or Empty Strings in a Where Statment

7. How Get Client (User) Machine Name (Computer Name) With Jquery or JavaScript or Server-Side Codes. (Scrutiny of Possible Ways)

8. Post Byte Array to Web API Server Using Httpclient

9. Regular Expression for Anything But an Empty String

10. Return Json, But It Includes Backward Slashes "\", Which I Don't Want

11. How to Call Another Controller Action from a Controller in MVC

12. Remove Hours:Seconds:Milliseconds in Datetime Object

13. How to Pass Parameter from @Url.Action to Controller Function

14. How to Read Request Body in an ASP.NET Core Webapi Controller

15. The Ssl Connection Could Not Be Established

16. How to Format a Number in C# With Commas and Decimals

17. Regex to Remove All Special Characters from String

18. Newtonsoft.Json Serializeobject Without Escape Backslashes

19. Most Efficient Way to Compare Two Ienumerables (Or Lists) in Linq

20. How to Insert 10 Million Records in the Shortest Time Possible

21. How to Combine Values of Several Lists into One in C#

22. Launch an Application and Send It to Second Monitor

23. Is It Possible in C# to Check If a Given Date Format String Contains Just a Date Format or Time Format

24. How to Delete Records Between Two Dates in Bulk

25. How to Convert a List to Ienumerable

26. C# Json Serialization of Dictionary into {Key:Value, ...} Instead of {Key:Key, Value:Value, ...}

27. How to Set Autoincrement Ids in Unit Test

28. Comparing Two Lists and Return Not Matching Items Results With Error

29. String to Decimal With 2 Decimal Places Always

30. C# Best Way to Run a Function Every Second, Timer VS Thread

31. How to Use Variable in Feature File

32. Entity Framework Migrations Renaming Tables and Columns

33. Check If Xml Element Exists

34. How to Open a Url in Chrome Incognito Mode

35. Angular Post Request Received in Net Core API as Null

36. How to Ignore Convert to Nullable in Lambda Expressions

37. How to Disable Uwp App Suspension

38. System.Collections.Generic.List Does Not Contain a Definition for 'Select'

39. Load Image from Resources Area of Project in C#

40. Regular Expression for Password Validation in C#

41. Split String and Keep Delimiter in Sequence

42. Unit Test a Method That Returns a Void

43. Redirect from Controller to Another View of Another Controller

44. How to Read Appsettings.Json With Array of Values

45. Clearing a Textbox Leaves an Invisible Character

46. Convert a List of Objects from One Type to Another Using Lambda Expression

47. How to Remove Carriage Returns from the Json Output of My Webapi Service

48. How to Download a File from a Url in C#

49. Localhost Port Is Changing in Visual Studio 2017

50. Pass Array into ASP.NET Core Route Query String

51. Restsharp Post Request - Body With X-Www-Form-Urlencoded Values

52. How to Test If a Instance of a Class Is a Specific Generic Type

53. Error: the Entity Type Requires a Primary Key

54. How to Authenticate a Webclient Request

55. Itextsharp Pdfptable How to Make a Border Around Entire Table

56. C# Download Big File from Server With Less Memory Consumption

57. How to Refresh an Entity Framework Core Dbcontext

58. How to Show a Console Output/Window in a Forms Application

59. How to Use a Nuget Package Within a Powershell Script

60. Get Properties and Values from Unknown Object

61. How to Provide Success Messages ASP.NET MVC

62. C# - How to Loop Through a Table to Update Each Row MySQL

63. How to Convert a Dictionary to a Json String in C#

64. Use Linq to Collaps Multiply Collections into One Collection

65. How to Get Cookies Info Inside of a Cookiecontainer (All of Them, Not for a Specific Domain)

66. How to Read/Write Files in .Net Core

67. Decrypt M3U8 Playlist Encrypted With Aes-128 Without Iv

68. Display Label Text With Line Breaks in C#

69. Filtering Out Values from a C# Generic Dictionary

70. How to Make Blazor Http Get Json Async Request

71. C# Double - Tostring() Formatting With Two Decimal Places But No Rounding

72. C# Adding Multiple Items to List

73. How to Rename Keys Within a Json File

74. C# Windows Form Application for Employee Management

75. Javascript - How to Set Values to Session in JavaScript

76. C# ASP.NET MVC Download a File Via Ajax

77. How to Print the Elements With Text Value That Contains in a List Selenium C#

78. Could Not Parse the Json File ,Error in Progam.Cs ASP.NET Core

79. Rendering Views from External Assemblies in Mvc6

80. Ssh.Net Sftp Get a List of Directories and Files Recursively

81. Pass an Array of Integers to ASP.NET Web API

82. Can Newtonsoft Json.Net Skip Serializing Empty Lists

83. Disable Required Validation Attribute Under Certain Circumstances

84. Download File from an ASP.NET Web API Method Using Angularjs

85. How to Acces an Instance of a Class from Another Class

86. Filling a Character Array With Characters from a String

87. How to Insert Programmatically a New Line in an Excel Cell in C#

88. Check for Internet Connection Constantly

89. How to Map to a Dictionary Object from Database Results Using Dapper Dot Net

90. Documentdb With Azure Functions

91. Change Datagrid Cell Colour Based on Values

92. How to Get an Specific Header Value from the Httpresponsemessage

93. Deserialize Multiple Xml Elements With the Same Name Through Xmlserializer Class in C#

94. C# - How to Save Byte Values to File With Smallest Size Possible

95. Repaired Records:Cell Information from Worksheet Created from Scratch

96. Generate All Combinations from Multiple (N) Lists

97. How to Connect to a Database in ASP.NET Core Without Entity Framework

98. How to Change a Image on a Button Using Windows Forms

99. How to Specify the Linq Orderby Argument Dynamically

100. Unquote String in C#

101. Calling a Function from a String in C#

102. Deserializing Polymorphic Json Classes Without Type Information Using Json.Net

103. Ioexception: the Process Cannot Access the File 'File Path' Because It Is Being Used by Another Process

104. In C#, Difference Between Public, Private, Protected, and Having No Access Modifier

105. How to Save a Stream to a File in C#

106. How to Use a Backgroundworker

107. Properties VS Methods

108. Split a String by Another String in C#

109. How to Retrieve Id of Inserted Entity Using Entity Framework

110. How to Extract Text That Lies Between Parentheses (Round Brackets)

111. Is Developing in Mono Cross-Platform

112. Distinct by Property of Class with Linq

113. Nested Using Statements in C#

114. Memory Barrier Generators

115. Create Instance of Generic Type Whose Constructor Requires a Parameter

116. C# SQL Server - Passing a List to a Stored Procedure

117. Can a Byte[] Array Be Written to a File in C#

118. Writing Large Number of Records (Bulk Insert) to Access in .Net/C#

119. C# Producer/Consumer

120. C# - How to Get Program Files (X86) on Windows 64 Bit

121. Is There a Reason Image.Fromfile Throws an Outofmemoryexception for an Invalid Image Format

122. Nullable Type as a Generic Parameter Possible

123. Why Use Icollection and Not Ienumerable or List<T> on Many-Many/One-Many Relationships

124. How to Programmatically Fill in a Form and 'Post' a Web Page

125. Reference Assignment Is Atomic So Why Is Interlocked.Exchange(Ref Object, Object) Needed

126. How to Compare Two Rich Text Box Contents and Highlight the Characters That Are Changed

127. Pass Array to MVC Action via Ajax

128. With Block Equivalent in C#

129. Understanding Async/Await in C#

130. Checking If a Bit Is Set or Not

131. Select Distinct Using Linq

132. Add CSS Class to a Div in Code Behind

133. What Are Major Differences Between C# and Java

134. How to Get the "Friendly" Os Version Name

135. When I Post Back to My Controller All Values for My Model Are Null

136. In C# Check That Filename Is *Possibly* Valid (Not That It Exists)

137. Nullable<Int> VS. Int? - Is There Any Difference

138. The Maximum Number of Characters a Textbox Can Display

139. Filter/Search Using Multiple Fields - ASP.NET MVC

140. Access Httpcontext.Current from Different Threads

141. No Console Output When Using Allocconsole and Target Architecture X86

142. Ews - Access All Shared Calendars

143. Convert Bitmaps to One Multipage Tiff Image in .Net 2.0

144. What Is the Fastest Way to Combine Two Xml Files into One

145. Wildcard Search for Linq

146. Htmlagilitypack -- Does <Form> Close Itself for Some Reason

147. How to Urlencode Without Using System.Web

148. Mvcbuildviews Not Working Correctly

149. Switch Case on Type C#

150. How to Ensure All Data Has Been Physically Written to Disk

151. How to Parse Very Huge Xml Files in C#

152. Unrolled Loop Works, for Loop Does Not Work

153. Getting Hash of a List of Strings Regardless of Order

154. How to Extend Identityuser with Custom Property

155. C# Regex Split - Everything Inside Square Brackets

156. How to Catch All Exceptions/Crashes in a .Net App

157. Which Blocking Operations Cause an Sta Thread to Pump Com Messages

158. Finding a Subsequence in Longer Sequence

159. Custom Authentication in ASP.NET-Core

160. Having the Output of a Console Application in Visual Studio Instead of the Console

161. How to Have a Loop in a Windows Service Without Using the Timer

162. Convert Time Span Value to Format "Hh:Mm Am/Pm" Using C#

163. C# Cast Entire Array

164. How to Check for Nulls in a Deep Lambda Expression

165. Binarywriter Endian Issue

166. Excel Error Hresult: 0X800A03Ec While Trying to Get Range with Cell's Name

167. Convert Newtonsoft.JSON.Linq.Jarray to a List of Specific Object Type

168. How Can a Wpf Usercontrol Inherit a Wpf Usercontrol

169. Why Method Overloading Is Not Allowed in Wcf

170. Quickest Way to Enumerate the Alphabet

171. Sqlite .Net Performance, How to Speed Up Things

172. How Does Stringbuilder Work Internally in C#

173. Setting the Initial Directory of an Savefiledialog

174. Internal .Net Framework Data Provider Error 1025

175. Set Dllimport Attribute Dynamically

176. How to Play a Sound in an ASP.NET Web Page

177. C# Windows Form .Net and Dos Console

178. Determine Operating System in .Net Core

179. How to Click a Button in a Webbrowser Control

180. How to Include Subclasses in Swagger API Documentation/ Openapi Specification Using Swashbuckle

181. Enum to Dictionary in C#

182. How to Allow an Anonymous User Access to Some Given Page in MVC

183. How to Convert Code from C# to PHP

184. Convert from Word Document to HTML

185. Sshnet Command Execution