How to Provide Success Messages ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET MVC: How to display success confirmation message after server-side processing

I Would use TempData["key"]

This is like ViewData["key"] however the data persists for the next HttpRequest and is disposed automatically by after this

So you can do this.

Controller Action

public ActionResult SomePostAction(SomeViewModel vm)
if(ModelState.IsValid) // Is User Input Valid?
TempData["UserMessage"] = new MessageVM() { CssClassName = "alert-sucess", Title = "Success!", Message = "Operation Done." };
return RedirectToAction("Success");
catch(Exception e)
TempData["UserMessage"] = new MessageVM() { CssClassName = "alert-error", Title = "Error!", Message = "Operation Failed." };
return RedirectToAction("Error");


return View(vm); // Return View Model with model state errors


<!DOCTYPE html>

@if(TempData["UserMessage"] != null)
var message = (MessageVM)TempData["UserMessage"];
<div class="alert @message.CssClassName">

More Info:

How to show success message in view when RedirectToAction used

you can use TempData to show the message

in your View

@if (TempData["Success"] != null)
<p class="alert alert-success" id="successMessage">@TempData["Success"]</p>

and in your controller after success

TempData["Success"] = "Added Successfully!";
return RedirectToAction("actionname", "controllername");

ASP.NET MVC Show success message

One way would be to use TempData:

[Authorize(Roles = "news-admin")]
public ActionResult Delete(int id)
var ArticleToDelete = (from a in _db.ArticleSet where a.storyId == id select a).FirstOrDefault();
TempData["message"] = ""Lorem ipsum article has been deleted";
return RedirectToAction("Index");

and inside the Index action you could fetch this message from TempData and make use of it. For example you could pass it as a property of your view model which will be passed to the view so that it can show it:

public ActionResult Index()
var message = TempData["message"];
// TODO: do something with the message like pass to the view



public class MyViewModel
public string Message { get; set; }

and then:

public ActionResult Index()
var model = new MyViewModel
Message = TempData["message"] as string;
return View(model);

and inside the strongly typed view:

<div><%: Model.Message %></div>

How to show success message after insertion through form submitting

Using TempData is ideal for the Post-Redirect-Get pattern.

Your Post Action:

public ActionResult Create(string txthospitalname, int city)
var hospitals = new Hospital()
Name = txthospitalname,
FKCityID = city,
CreatedAt = DateTime.Now,
CreatedBy = 1,
TempData["Success"] = true;
return RedirectToAction("Create");

Your Get Action:

public ActionResult Create()
ViewBag.Success = TempData["Success"] as bool;
return View();

Your View:

@if (ViewBag.Success != null && ViewBag.Success)
<h2> Your Success Message Here</h2>

@using (Html.BeginForm("Create", "Hospital", FormMethod.Post,
new {enctype = "multipart/form-data", id = "hospitalform"}))
//Text Fields

how to popup successful message after sending the message in controller, using c#, MVC

Make you return object example like This

public class ServerResponse
public string ErrorMessage {get; set;}
public string SuccessMessage {get; set;}

And then

 public async Task<ActionResult> GetEnquiredData(string FirstName, string LastName, string Email, string PhoneNumber, string TravelCalendar, string TravelNights, string TravelMonth, string TNoAdults, string TNoChildren, string SpecialOc, string GettoKnow, string TCUKMember, string Tdate, string Tprice, string byemail, string dealRef, string ConTime)
var serverResponse = new ServerResponse();
try { //Send Email here
serverResponse.SuccessMessage = "Success!";
catch (Exception ex)
serverResponse.ErrorMessage= $"Error! + {ex.Message}";
return Json(serverResponse, JsonRequestBehaviour.AllowGet);

After it check via ajax what server responsed. And show message!
Hope it helps


url : /YourURL/GetEnquiredData,
data : {your data}
{ if (response.ErrorMessage!=null)
else {


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