Unquote String in C#

Unquote string in C#

On your string use Trim with the " as char:


Strip double quotes from a string in .NET

I think your first line would actually work but I think you need four quotation marks for a string containing a single one (in VB at least):

s = s.Replace("""", "")

for C# you'd have to escape the quotation mark using a backslash:

s = s.Replace("\"", "");

How To Escape Quotation Marks in Multiple Line Of String? C#

To escape double quotes in a verbatim string (ie, a string declared with the @ prefix), simply double the quotes up (""). This is in contrast to how you would normally escape a double quote in a string, \".

var stringHolder = @" book book ""book""
ten ten ""book"" book pen
pen ""hook book"" dook
beer poor ""111"" cat map";
book book "book"
ten ten "book" book pen
pen "hook book" dook
beer poor "111" cat map

When the indentation matters, you may have to fight the normal tabbing in your editor a bit, which can lead to some odd looking declarations.

namespace MyNamespace {
public class Foo {
public string GetString() => @"Hello
World"; // Returns a string that looks like
// Hello
// World

public string GetString2() => @"Hello
World"; // Returns a string that looks like
// Hello
// World

Escape double quotes in a string


Either use verbatim string literals as you have, or escape the " using backslash.

string test = "He said to me, \"Hello World\" . How are you?";

The string has not changed in either case - there is a single escaped " in it. This is just a way to tell C# that the character is part of the string and not a string terminator.

C# how to remove escaped quotes from string response

var token = shippingCalcualtion.token.Trim('"');

Trim(...) will remove all given trailing and leading characters from your string. In this case '\"'. Restsharp will deserialize what's given, so if it should deserialize "test" (the value provided through the network stack) it will be deserialized to \"test\".


if you click the magnifying glass on your 2nd example you will get only Firefox without "...". In this case the " is not part of the string itself, but in shippingCalcualtion.token the string contains one leading and trailing ".

How to escape "\"String\"" in C#

Use String.Trim() to remove the additional quotes around your string. Note, that this will only work for quotes on the very beginning or end of the string.

NewLocationId = NewLocationId.Trim('\"');

If you need the to also remove quotes inbetween the rest of the string, use String.Replace("\"", ""):

Alternatively, if it is always the same "structure" always strip first and last character, this might execute faster:

NewLocationId = NewLocationId.Substring(1, NewLocationId.Length - 2);

Any way to use string (without escaping manually) that contains double quotes

No. In C# syntax, the only way to define string literals is the use of the double quote " with optional modifiers @ and/or $ in front. The single quote is the character literal delimiter, and cannot be used in the way PHP would allow - in any version, including the current 8.0.

Note that the PHP approach suffers from the need to escape ' as well, which is, especially in the English language, frequently used as the apostrophe.

To back that up, the EBNF of the string literal in current C# is still this:

regular_string_literal '"' { regular_string_literal_character } '"'

The only change in the compiler in version 8.0 was that now, the order of the prefix modifiers $ (interpolated) and @ (verbatim) can be either @$ or $@; it used to matter annoyingly in earlier versions.


Save it to a file and use File.ReadAllText for the assignment, or embed it as a managed ressource, then the compiler will provide a variable in the namespace of your choice with the verbatim text as its runtime value.

Or use single quotes (or any other special character of your choice), and go

var t = @"Text with 'many quotes' inside".Replace("'", @"""");

where the Replace part could be modeled as an extension to the String class for brevity.

How to avoid double quote escape in C# strings?

No, this is not possible in C#. You could write your SQL in a separate file and then read it from there.

how to convert char @"\" to Escape String \ by C#

You can use the System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Unescape method:

var input = @"\u5317\u4eac\u6c83\u534e\u521b\u65b0\u79d1\u6280\u6709\u9650\u516c\u53f8";
string escapedText = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Unescape(input);

Escape double quotes in a C# string

Just use @ for verbatim literal strings.

text.Replace(@"this", @"that");


text.Replace(@"\", @"\\").Replace(@"""", @"\""");

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