How to Make Blazor Http Get Json Async Request

how to make Blazor HTTP Get JSON ASYNC request?

I don't think this is a Blazor issue, I assume you're using the Blazor WebAssembly Hosted template?

If you try and load your API endpoint by navigating to it in a browser what do you see? I'm going to guess it's a 404 not found or a 500 error?

I think the issue is how you've defined the route on your API controller. Try the following setup.

public class EmployeeController : ControllerBase
EmployeeRepository objemployee = new EmployeeRepository();

public IEnumerable<Employee> Index()
return objemployee.GetAllEmployees().ToArray();


Then make a call employees = await Http.GetJsonAsync<Employee[]>("Employee");, if all goes well you should get your list of employees back.

Send a parameter with Http.GetJsonAsync

HttpGet passes parameters through the URL,so it's as easy as adding ?userid=value to the URL like this:

myTrades = await Http.GetJsonAsync<ItemForTrade[]>("api/Trading/GetTradesForUser?userid=" + userid);

how to make HTTP GET specific data in Blazor?

The client expect another response from the server. The client side expect a array (a sort list) and the server side returned a single object.

I would expect this:

private UserProfile forecasts;

protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync()
forecasts = await Http.GetFromJsonAsync<UserProfile>("Authentication/ed131c76-4a3a-4626-aec5-3db534f14a30/amrita");

The properties need to match to get the data in the object of UserProfile. Otherwise some of the properties will be empty.

A good practice would be to create a shared project with the client and the server side with the possible responses and requests. Then you should have a less chance to get a mismatch.

How to covert Json result into string in Blazor WebAssembly?

OK, I can see a few problems.

On the Server:

public async Task<ActionResult<ApplicationUser>> GetUserId(string Username) // A
var user = await userManager.FindByNameAsync(Username);
if (user == null) // B
return StatusCode(StatusCodes.Status500InternalServerError, new Response { Status = "Error", Message = "User not exist" });
var result = await userManager.GetUserIdAsync(user);
return new JsonResult(result);

First, your return type here is Task<ActionResult<ApplicationUser>> . ApplicationUser is tied to the backend Identity library, you can't and shouldn't use it for a DTO.

And you don't, in the end you have return new JsonResult(result); which is OK when you change the return type to just Task<ActionResult>.

On the client:

//user = await Http.GetFromJsonAsync<userName>("Authentication/UserId?Username=" + Username);
var userId = await Http.GetFromJsonAsync<string>("Authentication/UserId?Username=" + Username);

The endpoint returns a simple string. Json does not know about 'UserName' or anything else.

//string Id = System.Text.Json.JsonSerializer.Serialize(user); -- use UserId

You are serializing the Id (again) here, making it almost certainly invalid for an URL. So just skip that.

HttpClient.GetJsonAsync Not found. (blazor server)

The method signature is the following:

public static async Task<T> GetJsonAsync<T>(this HttpClient httpClient, string requestUri);

So it is a generic method and you will have to include the type argument in the call.

In your case, this should look like this:

HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
var user = await client.GetJsonAsync<User>($"{BaseUrl}Get-User/{Id}");

This will already deserialize the JSON response to the User type.

Note that you will need a using for the Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components namespace in order for this extension method to appear.

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