Ruby Programming Articles

1. Restarting a Loop from the Top

2. Find Out If Current Time Is Between Two Times

3. How to Assign a Variable in an If Else Statment Check

4. How to Check If a Value Exists in an Array in Ruby

5. To_D to Always Return 2 Decimals Places in Ruby

6. Git, Heroku: Pre-Receive Hook Declined

7. How to Match the Last Occurrence of a Pattern

8. How to Get the Current Absolute Url in Ruby on Rails

9. How to Skip the First Line of a CSV File and Make the Second Line the Header

10. How to Install a Gem or Update Rubygems If It Fails With a Permissions Error

11. How to Reload the Current Page in Ruby on Rails

12. How to Uninstall Ruby Installed by Ruby-Install

13. Error: While Executing Gem ... (Gem::Filepermissionerror)

14. Validation for Non-Negative Integers and Decimal Values

15. Regex for Checking the Last Character

16. Rails Activerecord Perform Group, Sum and Count in One Query

17. How to Convert a Bigdecimal to a 2-Decimal-Place String

18. Check If a String Contains Only Digits in Ruby

19. How to Calculate Number of Chars Common to Two Strings

20. Case Statement With Multiple Values in Each 'When' Block

21. What Is the Easiest Way to Duplicate an Activerecord Record

22. Ruby: How to Post a File Via Http as Multipart/Form-Data

23. Difference Between Class Variables and Class Instance Variables

24. Difference or Value of These Block Coding Styles in Ruby

25. Ruby Floating Point Errors

26. Ruby: String Comparison Issues

27. Learning Ruby on Rails

28. Do..End VS Curly Braces For Blocks in Ruby

29. Difference Between \A \Z and ^ $ in Ruby Regular Expressions

30. How to Make --No-Ri --No-Rdoc the Default For Gem Install

31. How to Get a Random Number in Ruby

32. Rvm Installation Not Working: "Rvm Is Not a Function"

33. Why Use Symbols as Hash Keys in Ruby

34. Activerecord: Size VS Count

35. Sudo Gem Install' or 'Gem Install' and Gem Locations

36. How to Understand Symbols in Ruby

37. Where and How Is the _ (Underscore) Variable Specified

38. How to Track System-Specific Config Files in a Repo/Project

39. Ruby Array Access 2 Consecutive(Chained) Elements At a Time

40. Rails 4: List of Available Datatypes

41. Using Sinatra For Larger Projects Via Multiple Files

42. What Ruby Ide Do You Prefer

43. Installing Bootstrap 3 on Rails App

44. Ruby Function to Remove All White Spaces

45. How to Make a Http Request Using Ruby on Rails

46. How to Solve Error "Missing 'Secret_Key_Base' For 'Production' Environment" (Rails 4.1)

47. Save Image from Url by Paperclip

48. The 'Json' Native Gem Requires Installed Build Tools

49. When to Use Symbols Instead of Strings in Ruby

50. How to Split (Chunk) a Ruby Array into Parts of X Elements

51. Rails Model Without Database

52. How to Replace Accented Latin Characters in Ruby

53. How Does Instance_Eval Work and Why Does Dhh Hate It

54. Why Is 'A = A' 'Nil' in Ruby

55. Ruby Multiline Block Without Do End

56. Ruby Block Syntax Error

57. What Is "" in Ruby

58. How to Update Ruby Version 2.0.0 to the Latest Version in MAC Osx Yosemite

59. Ruby: Kind_Of? Vs. Instance_Of? Vs. Is_A

60. How to Specify a Local Gem in My Gemfile

61. How to Extract Url Parameters from a Url With Ruby or Rails

62. Ruby's File.Open and the Need For F.Close

63. Using 'Return' in a Ruby Block

64. Use Yaml With Variables

65. How Does Object_Id Assignment Work

66. Ruby Regular Expression Using Variable Name

67. What's Different Between Each and Collect Method in Ruby

68. Suppress Ruby Warnings When Running Specs

69. Pressing Ctrl + a in Selenium Webdriver

70. Group Hashes by Keys and Sum the Values

71. Using Net::Http.Get For an Https Url

72. Is There a Reason That We Cannot Iterate on "Reverse Range" in Ruby

73. When to Use 'Self.Foo' Instead of 'Foo' in Ruby Methods

74. Find Indices of Elements That Match a Given Condition

75. Ruby - Print the Variable Name and Then Its Value

76. Actioncontroller::Unknownformat

77. Rescue_From Actioncontroller::Routingerror in Rails 4

78. Naked Asterisk as Parameter in Method Definition: Def F(*)

79. Why Are Gems Installed in a Directory With a Different Ruby Version Than I'M Running

80. Ruby Obfuscator

81. Ruby Multidimensional Array

82. I Don't Understand Ruby Local Scope

83. Weird Backslash Substitution in Ruby

84. Why Does Ruby Seem to Hoist Variable Declarations from Inside a Case Statement Even If That Code Path Is Not Executed

85. How to Test For (Activerecord) Object Equality

86. Is Sort in Ruby Stable

87. Heroku Upload-Precompiling Assets Failed

88. Using Process.Spawn as a Replacement For Process.Fork

89. Method to Parse HTML Document in Ruby

90. Regex to Split Bbcode into Pieces

91. Where Is Ruby's String Literal Juxtaposition Feature Officially Documented

92. How to Find the Local Port a Rails Instance Is Running On

93. Ruby Proc Syntax

94. Rails 3, Has_One/Has_Many With Lambda Condition

95. What Does ≪≪-Constant Do

96. Unexpected Keyword_End Error, Yet Syntax Seems Fine

97. Should Gemfile.Lock Be Included in .Gitignore

98. How to Convert a Unix Timestamp (Seconds Since Epoch) to Ruby Datetime

99. How to Check Whether a String Contains a Substring in Ruby

100. Sqlite3-Ruby Install Error on Ubuntu

101. Best Practices For Reusing Code Between Controllers in Ruby on Rails

102. Heroku Not Sending Email With Gmail Smtp

103. Why Isn't Current Directory on My Ruby Path

104. How to Use Gem to Install Rails on Ubuntu

105. Calculating the Number of Weeks in a Year with Ruby

106. In Rails - Is There a Rails Method to Convert Newlines to <br>

107. Strange Inability to Require Config/Boot After Upgrading to Ruby 1.9.2

108. How to Make Part of a Regular Expression Optional in Ruby

109. How to Invoke an Instance Method on a Ruby Module Without Including It

110. Convert a .Doc or .Pdf to an Image and Display a Thumbnail in Ruby

111. How to Make a Post Request with Open-Uri

112. Detect Key Press (Non-Blocking) W/O Getc/Gets in Ruby

113. Finding If a Sentence Contains a Specific Phrase in Ruby

114. Delete Orphaned Parent

115. How to Elegantly Rename All Keys in a Hash in Ruby

116. What's the Best Way to Talk to a Database While Using Sinatra

117. How to Use Jquery-Tokeninput and Acts-As-Taggable-On

118. Fast Way to Get Remote Image Dimensions

119. Maintaining Cookies Between Mechanize Requests

120. Silencing Deprecation Warnings in Rails 3