Cannot Install Aptana Plugin on Eclipse 4.2

Can't install Aptana on Eclipse 4

I have downloaded a fresh version of Eclipse Classic 4.2.1 32bit from the Eclipse (last version at the moment) site and this is working well. So i think there is a version problem with 4.3 and the Aptana sources (dependencies) are not set to Eclipse 4.3.

Edit: With the newest Java 7 version.

Can't download Aptana studio 3 eclipse plugin - no repository available

It seems aptana has set up a CDN ( to deliver their update site and it seems to be broken... I don't see any solution appart having the CDN configuration fixed.

You should ask in the aptana forum in order to get attention of the aptana ops.


Aptana Studio 3 plugin doesnt get installed properly on Eclipse Juno

Solved it myself! after looking at the error logs i realized that i had previously added a archive file to install aptana from disk (failed attempt).It was mentioned in the logs at several places, dont know why, but when i removed that repository Aptana installed fine on eclipse. :)

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