How to Specify a Local Gem in My Gemfile

How can I specify a local gem in my Gemfile?

I believe you can do this:

gem "foo", path: "/path/to/foo"

How do I specify local .gem files in my Gemfile?

This isn't strictly an answer to your question about installing .gem packages, but you can specify all kinds of locations on a gem-by-gem basis by editing your Gemfile.

Specifying a :path attribute will install the gem from that path on your local machine.

gem "foreman", path: "/Users/pje/my_foreman_fork"

Alternately, specifying a :git attribute will install the gem from a remote git repository.

gem "foreman", git: "git://"

# ...or at a specific SHA-1 ref
gem "foreman", git: "git://", ref: "bf648a070c"

# ...or branch
gem "foreman", git: "git://", branch: "jruby"

# ...or tag
gem "foreman", git: "git://", tag: "v0.45.0"

(As @JHurrah mentioned in his comment.)

How to reference a local gem from a ruby script?

Make sure that your gem name as same as in Gemfile (e.g. custom_gem)

# Gemfile

source ""

gem "custom_gem", path: "/home/username/path/to/custom_gem"

Don't forget to actually install this gem using bundler

bundle install

After that, the script should be ready to use by bundle exec ruby script.rb

# script.rb

require 'custom_gem'

How can I install a local gem?

Yup, when you do gem install, it will search the current directory first, so if your .gem file is there, it will pick it up. I found it on the gem reference, which you may find handy as well:

gem install will install the named
gem. It will attempt a local
installation (i.e. a .gem file in the
current directory), and if that fails,
it will attempt to download and
install the most recent version of the
gem you want.

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