Java Programming Articles

1. Generate Random Emails

2. Generate Bank Account Number With Random

3. How to Check Whether an Integer Is Null or Zero in Java

4. How to Send Date in Rest API in Post Method

5. How to Convert a Kotlin Source File to a Java Source File

6. How to Pass List in Postman in Get Request and Get in Getmapping

7. Is There an Invisible Character That Is Not Regarded as Whitespace

8. Convert from Java to Python

9. How to Replace Multiple Words in a Single String in Java

10. How to Make Program to Continue Running After Exception

11. How to Check Type of Variable in Java

12. Consider Defining a Bean of Type in Your Configuration

13. 403 Forbidden When I Try to Post to My Spring API

14. Is There a Java Setting for Disabling Certificate Validation

15. How to Activate a Function When Some Variable Changes

16. How to Update Each Element in a List in Java 8 Using Stream API

17. Spring Boot - How to Get Running Port and Ip Address

18. How to Use Variables Declared in Another Class

19. How to Know If All the Variables in a Class Are Null

20. How to Decrypt Whatsapp Database File

21. Prevent Multiple Login Using the Same User Name and Password

22. Regular Expression for Uppercase Letters in a String

23. Java - How to Write My Arraylist to a File, and Read (Load) That File to the Original Arraylist

24. How to Find an Object in an Arraylist by Property

25. @Responsebody , Responseentity Spring Return Object as Json

26. How to Convert Linkedhashmap to Custom Java Object

27. How to Sort Date in Descending Order Using Comparator

28. How to Find Distinct Rows With Field in List Using JPA and Spring

29. How to Get All Keys from a Json-Object as a String Array in Java

30. How to Check Whether an Array Is Null/Empty

31. How to Click an Li Inside a Ul Using Selenium Webdriver

32. How to Check Whether Kafka Server Is Running

33. Replacing Numbers in a String

34. How to Skip the First Line of a CSV in Java

35. Spring Boot Search Data Between Two Dates

36. How to Print Multiple Variable Lines in Java

37. A Method to Check If a Collection or Map Is Empty or Null

38. Illegal Character When Trying to Compile Java Code

39. Knowing Which Java.Exe Process to Kill on a Windows Machine

40. How to Disable Log4J Logging from Java Code

41. Java.Lang.Noclassdeffounderror: Org/Springframework/Core/Env/Configurableenvironment

42. Showing Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night Message Based on Time in Java

43. How to Avoid Nullpointerexception With an Empty Cell Using Poi

44. Java.Lang.Noclassdeffounderror: Lorg/Apache/Logging/Log4J/Logger; But the Artifact Exists

45. Replace Whitespace in Json Keys

46. Jackson Jsonmappingexception: Can Not Deserialize Instance

47. Correct Way to Focus an Element in Selenium Webdriver Using Java

48. Createprocess Error=2, the System Cannot Find the File Specified

49. How to Clean Old Dependencies from Maven Repositories

50. Http 415 Unsupported Media Type Error With Json

51. Reverse a String Without Affecting Special Characters

52. How to Remove Trailing Zeros from a Double

53. Jpa- Joining Two Tables in Non-Entity Class

54. Could Not Read Json: Can Not Deserialize Instance of Hello.Country[] Out of Start_Object Token

55. Maven Build Cannot Find Symbol When Accessing Project Lombok Annotated Methods,

56. In Java, How to Determine If a Char Array Contains a Particular Character

57. Retrieving Data from Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Device

58. Regular Expression for Excluding Special Characters

59. How to Have Each Record of Json on a Separate Line

60. Flush/Clear System.In (Stdin) Before Reading

61. Update Objects in One List Based on Values from Second One Using Streams

62. Passing List from Thymeleaf to Spring Controller

63. How to Display Pdf Inside Webview in Android

64. Requestmethod Post Not Supported || Spring Login

65. Error About Sun/Misc/Base64Encoder on Eclipse

66. Base64: Java.Lang.Illegalargumentexception: Illegal Character

67. Java 8: How to Write Lambda Stream to Work With Jsonarray

68. Split Integer into Separate Parts

69. Remove Parentheses, Dashes, and Spaces from Phone Number

70. Calling Method That Exists in Child Classes But Not in Parent Class

71. Mockito How to Mock Only the Call of a Method of the Superclass

72. Empty Check With String[] Array

73. Methodargumentconversionnotsupportedexception When I Try to Map Json String Onto Java Domain Class in Spring Controller'S Method

74. Finding Max Value in an Array Using Recursion

75. Java How to Set an Auto Increment Attribute

76. Testing @Postconstruct With Mockito

77. How to Solve Liquibase Checksum Validation Fail After Liquibase Upgrade

78. Resource from Src/Main/Resources Not Found After Building With Maven

79. How to Open Excel File Using JavaScript Code Without Using Activex Control

80. Java.Lang.Noclassdeffounderror: Org/Json/Simple/Parser/Parseexception With Eclipse and Spring

81. Calculate the Number of Items Displayed by Recyclerview and Place in a Textview

82. Jsp and CSS File Not Loading in Browser Java Webapp

83. Spring MVC - Failed to Convert Property Value of Type 'Java.Lang.String' to Required Type 'Java.Lang.Integer'

84. How to Check Whether a String Contains Lowercase Letter, Uppercase Letter, Special Character and Digit

85. How to Call a Database Function Using Spring Data Jpa

86. Javax.Xml.Bind.Unmarshalexception: Unexpected Element (Uri:"", Local:"Group")

87. How to Query Using an Enum Parameter Mapped as Ordinal Using JPA and Hibernate

88. Java Stream:Create New List from 2 Lists Keeping Only Matching Values

89. How to Test a Void Method Using Junit And/Or Mockito

90. Ldap Query Get All Groups (Nested) of a Group

91. Reading Files With Intellij Idea Ide

92. How to Replace Non-Printable Unicode Characters in Java

93. Java:How to Determine the Correct Charset Encoding of a Stream

94. Spring Data JPA How to Locate Attribute With the Given Name

95. Launch New Activity from Fragment in Android Studio

96. Missing Method Body, or Declare Abstract in Java

97. Remove Quote from the Jsonarray Output

98. Selenium Webdriver: Clicking on Elements Within an Svg Using Xpath

99. How to Run Multiple Jobs in Spring Batch Using Annotations

100. Cannot Connect to Localhost API from Android App

101. How to Get the Path of Src/Test/Resources Directory in Junit

102. How to Count the Rows in Hibernate Query Language

103. Beginner Hangman Game in Java

104. Spring Boot Not Recognizing Application.Properties File

105. Calculating and Printing the Nth Prime Number

106. Sending Post Data in Android

107. Https Connection Android

108. Java Refuses to Start - Could Not Reserve Enough Space For Object Heap

109. Convert a String Representation of a Hex Dump to a Byte Array Using Java

110. Round a Double to 2 Decimal Places

111. Java Default Constructor

112. Java: Convert List≪String≫ to a Join()D String

113. Java Hashmap: How to Get Key from Value

114. Selenium Using Java - the Path to the Driver Executable Must Be Set by the Webdriver.Gecko.Driver System Property

115. Modify a Class Definition'S Annotation String Parameter At Runtime

116. Classcastexception When Casting to the Same Class

117. How to Parse a Dynamic JSON Key in a Nested JSON Result

118. How to Add a Recyclerview Inside Another Recyclerview

119. How to Avoid Java.Net.Bindexception: Address Already in Use

120. Java File Locking Mechanism for File Based Process Communication

121. How to Rotate an Image Gradually in Swing

122. Cut Out Image in Shape of Text

123. Create Array of Regex Matches

124. Using Regex to Generate Strings Rather Than Match Them

125. Left Padding a String with Zeros