Missing Method Body, or Declare Abstract in Java

Missing method body, or declare abstract in Java

Remove the semicolon on the end of this line: public static void helloWorld();

Missing Method body, or declare abstract

You have the following options for Speak, take your pick:


public abstract class Speak{

public abstract void saySomething();



public class Speak{

public void saySomething(){



public interface Speak{

public void saySomething();

Edit: First of all, you are not using Speak class anywhere. Second, please add the following method in Pet class:

 public abstract void saySomething();

missing method body, or declare abstract java error

You forgot to add a { after main().

public static void main(String[] args) {

And after return add ; and }.

Looks like you are confusing between Java and .NET. There's no Console.WriteLine() in Java. You need to change it to:


The Console.WriteLine() is available only in .NET Framework. You need to replace them with the above. For eg:

Console.WriteLine("john smith");

Should be replaced with:

System.out.println("john smith");

If you really want to execute Console.WriteLine, then you need to use Microsoft Visual Studio and create a new C# Console Application.

See more here: How to: Create a C# Console Application:

(source: programcall.com)

And in the Console Program using .NET, it uses the main class as:

class Program {

And not the one which you use. So definitely yours is a Java Application.

Java interface asks for method body

A static method is not overridable/implementable by the subclasses. It is static as the name conveys that.

So it would make no sense (and is so illegal at compile time) to define in an interface a static abstract method as no subclass could implement/override it.

Either define an implementation of the static method in your interface (possible since Java 8) or make it an instance method that subclasses could implement.

Android Retrofit: missing method body, or declare abstract

Try public interface for your API declaration.

public interface ApiEndpointInterface {

void ping(Callback<Response> cb);

Also, looks like you're creating your ApiEndpointInterface before telling the builder to set log level to full.

private static ApiEndpointInterface prepareService() {

RestAdapter restAdapter = new RestAdapter.Builder()

ApiEndpointInterface apiService =

return apiService;

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