How to Add a Filter Class in Spring Boot

Add a Servlet Filter in a Spring Boot application

When using Spring Boot

As mentioned in the reference documentation, the only step needed is to declare that filter as a Bean in a configuration class, that's it!

public class WebConfig {

public Filter shallowEtagHeaderFilter() {
return new ShallowEtagHeaderFilter();

When using Spring MVC

You're probably already extending a WebApplicationInitializer. If not, then you should convert your webapp configuration from a web.xml file to a WebApplicationInitializer class.

If your context configuration lives in XML file(s), you can create a class that extends AbstractDispatcherServletInitializer - if using configuration classes, AbstractAnnotationConfigDispatcherServletInitializer is the proper choice.

In any case, you can then add Filter registration:

protected Filter[] getServletFilters() {
return new Filter[] {
new ShallowEtagHeaderFilter();

Full examples of code-based Servlet container initialization are available in the Spring reference documentation.

How to set up filter chain in spring boot?

Adding following line of code in GreetingFilter works

filterChain.doFilter(servletRequest, servletResponse);

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