Linux Development and Programming Articles

Linux is a logical, fast, efficient, and lightweight OS. Linux programming creates applications, interfaces, programs, and software. Often, it is widely used on desktops, real-time programs, and embedded systems. Linux is not hard to learn. The more experience you have using modern technology, the easier you'll find it to master the basics of Linux. You can learn the basic Linux commands in a few days but it will likely take a few weeks to become more familiar with these commands.

The following articles are the newest and most popular questions about Linux development.

1. Rename All Files in a Folder With a Prefix in a Single Command

2. How to Detect Invalid Utf8 Unicode/Binary in a Text File

3. How to Scroll Up/Down on the Console of a Linux Vm

4. How to Remove Cached Credentials from Git

5. Using Colors With Printf

6. Run an Ansible Task Only When the Variable Contains a Specific String

7. How to Use Sed to Extract Substring

8. How to Shutdown a Spring Boot Application in a Correct Way

9. Bash Ignoring Error for a Particular Command

10. How to Fix Java.Lang.Module.Findexception: Module Java.Se.Ee Not Found

11. What Killed My Process and Why

12. Automatically Enter Ssh Password With Script

13. How to Send a HTML Email With the Bash Command "Sendmail"

14. Print a File, Skipping the First X Lines, in Bash

15. Using Awk to Count the Number of Occurrences of a Word in a Column

16. How to Split One Text File into Multiple *.Txt Files

17. Kdevtmpfsi Using the Entire Cpu

18. How to Find Certain Character Position in Shell

19. Finding Number Is Even/Odd in Assembly

20. Multiline Bash Command in Jenkins Pipeline

21. How to Write Standard Error to a File While Using "Tee" With a Pipe

22. What Does Set -E Mean in a Bash Script

23. How to Set the Environmental Variable Ld_Library_Path in Linux

24. Filter Log File Entries Based on Date Range

25. How to Pass Command Output as Multiple Arguments to Another Command

26. How to 'Grep' a Continuous Stream

27. Can't Call C Standard Library Function on 64-Bit Linux from Assembly (Yasm) Code

28. How to Change Permissions For a Folder and Its Subfolders/Files

29. Redirect All Output to File in Bash

30. How to Merge Two "Ar" Static Libraries into One

31. How Does "Cat ≪≪ Eof" Work in Bash

32. How to Cat ≪≪Eof ≫≫ a File Containing Code

33. Linux Error While Loading Shared Libraries: Cannot Open Shared Object File: No Such File or Directory

34. Get Exit Code of a Background Process

35. How to Pass the Password to Su/Sudo/Ssh Without Overriding the Tty

36. How to Use "/" in a Filename

37. Linux Blocking Vs. Non Blocking Serial Read

38. Deploying Yesod to Heroku, Can't Build Statically

39. How to Run a Shell Script At Startup

40. How to Generate a Core Dump in Linux on a Segmentation Fault

41. How to Get the Total Cpu Usage of an Application from /Proc/Pid/Stat

42. How Many Socket Connections Possible

43. Command Line Program to Create Website Screenshots (On Linux)

44. Have Bash Script Answer Interactive Prompts

45. Is There a "Goto" Statement in Bash

46. How to Use Sed to Change My Configuration Files, With Flexible Keys and Values

47. Get Destination Address of a Received Udp Packet

48. Bash While Read Loop Extremely Slow Compared to Cat, Why

49. Cronjob Does Not Execute a Script That Works Fine Standalone

50. What Is the Runtime Performance Cost of a Docker Container

51. How to Replace Spaces in File Names Using a Bash Script

52. How to Print the Ld(Linker) Search Path

53. Ld Cannot Find an Existing Library

54. Convert Date Formats in Bash

55. Use Sudo With Password as Parameter

56. Is There Any API For Determining the Physical Address from Virtual Address in Linux

57. How Are the Fs/Gs Registers Used in Linux Amd64

58. Linking Openssl Libraries to a Program

59. How to Set the Working Directory of the Parent Process

60. Expanding a Bash Array Only Gives the First Element

61. Bluetooth Low Energy: Listening For Notifications/Indications in Linux

62. Automating Running Command on Linux from Windows Using Putty

63. Setting the Umask of the Apache User

64. How to Loop Over the Output of a Shell Command

65. Can Awk Patterns Match Multiple Lines

66. Bash Script: Bad Interpreter

67. How to Create Docker Overlay Network Between Multi Hosts

68. Why Is a Tilde in a Path Not Expanded in a Shell Script

69. Separately Redirecting and Recombining Stderr/Stdout Without Losing Ordering

70. Git Asks For Username Every Time I Push

71. Shell Command to Tar Directory Excluding Certain Files/Folders

72. How to Kill All Processes With a Given Partial Name

73. How to Replace a String in Multiple Files in Linux Command Line

74. How to Recursively Find and List the Latest Modified Files in a Directory With Subdirectories and Times

75. How to Use Grep to Show Just Filenames on Linux

76. How to Obtain the Number of Cpus/Cores in Linux from the Command Line

77. Keep Ssh Session Alive

78. Spring Boot Application as a Service

79. Controlling a Usb Power Supply (On/Off) With Linux

80. How to Show All Shared Libraries Used by Executables in Linux

81. Why Are the Backslash and Semicolon Required With the Find Command'S -Exec Option

82. Exit Code of Variable Assignment to Command Substitution in Bash

83. Crontab Path and User

84. &&' Vs. '&' With the 'Test' Command in Bash

85. Linux Flock, How to "Just" Lock a File

86. Getting a Unique Id from a Unix-Like System

87. Bluez: How to Set Up a Gatt Server from the Command Line

88. Using Grep to Get the Next Word After a Match in Each Line

89. Contiguous Physical Memory from Userspace

90. How to Single Step Arm Assembly in Gdb on Qemu

91. Does "Argument List Too Long" Restriction Apply to Shell Builtins

92. How to Programmatically "Burn In" Ansi Control Codes to a File Using Unix Utils

93. Assembly Compiled Executable Using Int 0X80 on Ubuntu on Windows Subsystem For Linux Doesn't Produce Output

94. How Does Mmap Improve File Reading Speed

95. Assembly Segmentation Fault After Making a System Call, At the End of My Code

96. Can _Start Be the Thumb Function

97. How to Calculate Time For an Asm Delay Loop on X86 Linux

98. How to Delete an Exported Environment Variable

99. Given Two Directory Trees, How to Find Out Which Files Differ by Content

100. How to Count Lines in a Document

101. How Would One Disable Nagle's Algorithm in Linux

102. Getting CPU Cycles Using Rdtsc - Why Does the Value of Rdtsc Always Increase

103. Why Doesn't "Total" from Ls -L Add Up to Total File Sizes Listed

104. How to Calculate CPU Utilization of a Process & All Its Child Processes in Linux

105. How to Delete All Lines in a File Starting from After a Matching Line

106. Delete All Files Except the Newest 3 in Bash Script

107. How to Make a Bash Shell Script Interact with Another Command Line Program

108. Bash: Head & Tail Behavior with Bash Script

109. Bash Join Command

110. Merging Two Files by a Single Column in Unix

111. Elf Header or Installation Issue with Bcrypt in Docker Container

112. How to Do 'Ret' Instruction from Code at _Start in MACos? Linux

113. -Bash: /Usr/Bin/Yum: /Usr/Bin/Python: Bad Interpreter: No Such File or Directory

114. How Is It Possible That Kill -9 for a Process on Linux Has No Effect

115. Decode Base64: Invalid Input

116. Sorting in Bash

117. Difference Between .Dynamic .Dynsym and .Dynstr in an Elf Executable

118. Iterating Over Lists in Makefiles

119. How to Know Which Device Is Connected in Which /Dev/Ttyusb Port

120. Prepend Data from One File to Another

121. How to Read Config Files with Section in Bash Shell

122. How Does One Determine the Page Frame Number for Device Memory

123. How to Replace Finding Words with the Different in Each Occurrence in Vi/Vim Editor

124. When Pty [Pseudo Terminal] Slave Fd Settings Are Changed by "Tcsetattr" , How Can the Master End Capture This Event Without Delay

125. Combine Results of Column One Then Sum Column 2 to List Total for Each Entry in Column One

126. How to Run Multiple Programs in a Sequence

127. Is an Operating System Kernel an Interpeter for All Other Programs

128. How Provide Nested Mount of Overlayfs

129. Bash Shell: Cannot Use Variable $ as a Path to Run Tar

130. Bash Script - Fibonacci

131. Serial Port Doesn't Work Properly After Reboot, Unless I Execute Minicom

132. How to Move All Files Including Hidden Files into Parent Directory via *

133. What Exactly Is Sudo Bang Bang

134. Id_Rsa.Pub File Ssh Error: Invalid Format

135. Lsb_Release: Command Not Found in Latest Ubuntu Docker Container

136. Where Is Hardware Timer Interrupt

137. Packet Mangling Utilities Besides Iptables

138. Ssh: Could Not Resolve Hostname [Hostname]: Nodename Nor Servname Provided, or Not Known

139. Exclude List of Files from Find

140. Xvfb-Run on Os X

141. Signal Handling in Asm: Why am I Receiving Sigsegv When Invoking the Sys_Pause Syscall

142. Split Files Using Tar, Gz, Zip, or Bzip2

143. How to Add .So File to the Java.Library.Path in Linux

144. Execute Two Commands with Docker Exec

145. Fast String Search in a Very Large File

146. Graphing The Dag Generated by Make

147. New Syscall Not Found (Linux Kernel 3.0.0) Where Should I Start Looking

148. Any Good Guides on Using Ptrace_Sysemu

149. How to Get The System Home Directory in Cmake on Linux

150. Ld Does Not Link Opengl on Linux

151. Root.Crt Not Found Postgresql

152. Running R in Batch Mode on Linux: Output Issues

153. Docker Installation on Linux Mint 19.2 Doesn't Work

154. How to Create a File Listener in Linux

155. Bash - Date Command and Space

156. Profiling Arbitrary Cuda Applications

157. Show Image Notification from Bash Script

158. Git Clone Using Ssh Failed in Windows Due to Permission Issue

159. Why Does 'Ping' Not Timeout in Linux

160. Get The Count of Bytes Waiting on a Serial Port Before Reading, Linux

161. Installing Zlib in Linux Server

162. Windows .Crl to .Pem for Nginx

163. How to Inject a Raw L2 Packet as an Incoming Packet to an Interface on Linux

164. How to Use Find on Dirs with White Spaces

165. Why Sizeof(Spinlock_T) Is Greater Than Zero on Uni-Processor

166. Make Uses "Cc" Instead of "Arm-None-Eabi-As"

167. How to Remove Zero Byte Files

168. Linux + Ssh Limitation + Ssh at The Same Time from Multiple Machine to One Machine

169. Gpdb:Out of Memory at Segment

170. Bash, Execute Command But Continue with Interactive Session