Cronjob Does Not Execute a Script That Works Fine Standalone

cronjob does not execute a script that works fine standalone

As seen in comments, the problem is that you are not defining what program should be used to execute the script. Take into account that a cronjob is executed in a tiny environment; there, not much can be assumed. This is why we define full paths, etc.

So you need to say something like:

1 * * * * /bin/sh /var/www/html/dbsync/ /var/www/html/dbsync
# ^^^^^^^

/bin/sh being the binary you want to use to execute the script.

Otherwise, you can set execution permissions to the script and add a shell-script header telling it what interpreter to use:


If you do this, adding the path of the binary is not necessary.

From Troubleshooting common issues with cron jobs:

Using relative paths. If your cron job is executing a script of some
kind, you must be sure to use only absolute paths inside that script.
For example, if your script is located at /path/to/script.phpand
you're trying to open a file called file.php in the same directory,
you cannot use a relative path such as fopen(file.php). The file must
be called from its absolute path, like this: fopen(/path/to/file.php).
This is because cron jobs do not necessarily run from the directory in
which the script is located, so all paths must be called specifically.

Also, I understand you want to run this every minute. If so, 1 * * * * won't do. Intead, it will run at every 1st minute past every hour. So if you want to run it every minute, say * * * * *.

Cron job with script sh is not executed but job is running in cron log

Cron doesn't inherit your environement.
$HOME is not set when you run your cron, thus the ~ is not interpoled.

You can set it like this:

18 14 * * * rm ~/Rendu/test_cron/

bash script runs standalone but not with cron

my issue is just a typo, filename was wrong.
thanks to Barmer who helped me output cron log that let to fixing the problem

thanks guys

Shell script doesn't run properly while running from crontab

Apparently crontab was running my script several times. So I tried to use different locking mechanisms to put a lock around my scrip but only using flock worked for me. In my crontab I added this line:

* * * * * /usr/bin/flock -n /tmp/ms.lockfile /bin/bash /path/to/my/script/

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