How to Run a Shell Script At Startup

How to run a shell script at startup

The file you put in /etc/init.d/ have to be set to executable with:

chmod +x /etc/init.d/start_my_app

As pointed out by @meetamit, if it still does not run you might have to create a symbolic link to the file in /etc/rc.d/

ln -s /etc/init.d/start_my_app /etc/rc.d/

Please note that on the latest versions of Debian, this will not work as your script will have to be LSB compliant (provide at least the following actions: start, stop, restart, force-reload, and status):

As a note, you should always use the absolute path to files in your scripts instead of the relative one, it may solve unexpected issues:


Finally, make sure that you included the shebang on top of the file:


Run Bash script as root in startup on ubuntu 18.04

Create the service file as in the template below and add the file in the location /etc/systemd/system/

And the Template as

Description = ~Name of the service~

WorkingDirectory= ~directory of working file~
ExecStart= ~directory~/


Start the service file by the name using

systemctl start servicefile.service

To enable on startup

systemctl enable servicefile.service

To check the status

systemctl status servicefile.service

To stop

systemctl stop servicefile.service

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