Docker Installation on Linux Mint 19.2 Doesn't Work

Docker installation on Linux Mint 19.2 doesn't work

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/additional-repositories.list

add the following line in the file

deb [arch=amd64] bionic stable


sudo apt update

you know the rest of the steps. Good luck!

Docker install on Linux Mint 19 Tara

The Docker repository at doesn't know about Linux Mint's code name tara. Use Ubuntu's codename, bionic.

That is, your step 6 above should be this instead:

sudo add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] $(. /etc/os-release; echo "$UBUNTU_CODENAME") stable"

This works because Linux Mint is built on top of Ubuntu. In this step, we are simply replacing the Linux Mint codename (returned by lsb_release -cs) with the Ubuntu base codename (returned by . /etc/os-release; echo "$UBUNTU_CODENAME").

Because you already ran the incorrect command (with the Linux Mint codename), you might find that you continue to see warnings with apt-get update. To fix these, you can delete the corresponding file (the one that says tara from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/, or use another GUI or command line tool to do this for you.

How to reinstall the latest cmake version?

Following the comments made on how to Install the latest CMake version and to post the answer for this question:


This depends with Ubuntu OS version currently installed on your PC or Mac. If you have the following Ubuntu OS version then you have this CMake installed or that you could install and reinstall with "sudo apt-get install cmake". Even if you uninstall your version and try to reinstall later version.

Ubuntu 16.04 ships with cmake-3.5.1
Ubuntu 17.10 ships with cmake-3.9.1
Ubuntu 18.04 ships with cmake-3.10.2
Ubuntu 20.04 ships with cmake-3.16.3
Ubuntu 21.04 ships with cmake-3.18.4

Now if you have Ubuntu 16.04 installed and you want cmake-3.10, there is OS problem since you can only install and reinstalled cmake-3.5.1. To get cmake-3.10 or any other version, you have to download and install the package from Once you find the latest version of cmake .targz files, you have to build it yourself from the command line.

prevent VC++ DLL rebasing by PE header editing

The /FIXED linker switch does not correspond to a flag in the PE header, it actually specifies whether a relocation section is added to the PE file by the linker.

The DYNAMIC_BASE flag Hans Passant talks about specifies whether the OS is allowed to relocate the image in memory when it is loaded (if ASLR is on).

  • Linking with /FIXED is fine for a .exe as long as you don't need ASLR for securiy (Web browser etc)
  • Linking with /FIXED for a .dll is not a good idea, if the dll cannot be loaded at its preferred address (some other dll might already be loaded there) the dll loading will fail!

Installing pip is not working in python 3.6

pip 21.0 dropped support for Python 2 and 3.5. The later versions require Python 3.6+. The syntax f"" is supported by Python 3.6+.

To install pip for Python 2.7 install it from :

- curl -O
- python
- python -m pip install --upgrade "pip < 21.0"

The last command is to upgrade to the latest supported version.

  • For Python 2.7 the latest supported is currently pip 20.3.4.
  • For Python 3.6 install from
  • For Python 3.5 install from
  • For Python 3.4 install from
  • For Python 3.4 the upgrade command is
    python -m pip install --upgrade "pip < 19.2"

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