Kdevtmpfsi Using the Entire Cpu

kdevtmpfsi using the entire CPU

The solution mentioned here worked for us. You basically create the files the miner uses, without any rights, so the miner cannot create and use them.

touch /tmp/kdevtmpfsi && touch /var/tmp/kinsing

echo "everything is good here" > /tmp/kdevtmpfsi

echo "everything is good here" > /var/tmp/kinsing

touch /tmp/zzz

echo "everything is good here" > /tmp/zzz

chmod go-rwx /var/tmp

chmod 1777 /tmp

How to to trace malware orignation on ubuntu server and stop it

We also faced with this issue, please update first your GitLab to one of the versions:


After that clean crontab connected with git user and remove all the files owned by git user located in /tmp folder.

Now you can restart the server and it should be fine :)

Redis using 100% CPU after 6 hours of uptime

The process that is using all your resources is /tmp/kdevtmpfsi. A quick google search showed that it's mining malware. This means that not Redis nor your program has some kind of error. This comment on Github explains how to get rid of it.

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