Xvfb-Run on Os X

Headless Selenium + Xvfb + Chrome on OSX 10.11

I believe that Chrome is built for Quartz ui framework, so it ignores the X11 windowing engine. You will need to install an X11 version of a browser and then execute that.

Run Safari browser headlessly using xvfb on Mac

Mac OS X does not use X11 as the display server for native applications. As such, Xvfb is not applicable, and setting DISPLAY has no effect.

Mac OS applications cannot generally be run in the same sort of "headless" environment you're imagining here. Some applications, such as Vine Server, could do this in the past, but they appear to have stopped working under Mac OS 10.8 and later.

Getting xvfb to work in jupyter notebook on M1 Mac

Not sure why this is the case even though xvfb is in the PATH but had to add it again specifically to the environment in a jupyter notebook cell for it to work

os.environ["PATH"] += os.pathsep + '/opt/X11/bin'

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