JavaScript Programming Articles

JavaScript(JS) is a programming language that is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web, alongside HTML and CSS. As of 2022, 98% of websites use JavaScript on the client side for webpage behavior, often incorporating third-party libraries. All major web browsers have a dedicated JavaScript engine to execute the code on users' devices. It is used by programmers across the world to create dynamic and interactive web content like applications and browsers. It's the most used programming language in the world.

The following articles are the newest and most popular questions about the JavaScript programming language.

1. Input Date Format With Dd/Mm/Yyyy in the Input Field

2. How to Reload a Page With React-Router

3. React | How to Detect Page Refresh (F5)

4. How to Download File in React Js

5. How to Get Only 1St Element of Json Data

6. Regex to Allow Only Certain Special Characters and Restrict Underscore

7. How to Restrict Past Dates in Html5 Input Type Date

8.Loading Screen Gets Stuck While Processing Http Request

9. Disable/Hide Download Button in Iframe on Default Pdf Viewer

10. How to Refresh Form Page After Post Request

11. Regex in JavaScript Allow Only Numbers and One Dot Followed by Max 2 Number

12. Prevent Swiping Between Web Pages in iPad Safari

13. React Button Onclick Redirect Page

14. How to Show Which Question a User Is on When Taking My Quiz

15. Convert/Change JavaScript Document to Jquery

16. How to Detect Browser Refresh Using Angular

17. Regex for Names Validation Allow Only Letters and Spaces

18. Allowing/Replacing Comma as Number Separator for Input Type="Number" Using Rails

19. Angular 4 - Check If All Page Resources Are Fully Loaded (Make Loader Spins Until All Resources Are Fully Loaded)

20. Check If Page Gets Reloaded or Refreshed in JavaScript

21. How to Style HTML Select Option Hover and Selected Option Effects

22. Text Goes Out of Div (Css)

23. Regex With Space and Letters Only

24. To Get a Popup Message After Submit

25. Check Whether an Input String Contains a Number in JavaScript

26. How to Convert File to Base64 in JavaScript

27. Fetch() Unexpected End of Input

28. Remove Insignificant Trailing Zeros from a Number

29. How to Append Value to an Array Only If Not Exists and Remove It If Not

30. Print Pdf Directly from JavaScript

31. How to Change Value of Object Which Is Inside an Array Using JavaScript or Jquery

32. Wait for Asynchronous Functions to Finish in Angular

33. Vue.Js Add Objects to Existing Array

34. Retaining the Textbox Values Even After Refresh

35. Add Two Numbers and Display Result in Textbox With JavaScript

36. Call a Function from an If-Statement Inside a Function

37. Why Does Google Chrome Always Add Space After Selected Text

38. Jquery Ajax Post Results in 500 Internal Server Error

39. Regular Expression to Check Only One Decimal Point

40. How to Print Star Pattern in JavaScript in a Very Simple Manner

41. Onclick JavaScript to Make Browser Go Back to Previous Page

42. How to Display an Iframe on Button Click

43. Change Button Color When Click on the Button

44. How to Bind on Click Event on Dynamically Created Button in Angular 6

45. How to Remove All Null and Empty String Values from an Object

46. Prevent React-Router History.Push from Reloading Current Route

47. React Jsx - Make Substring in Bold

48. How to Pass Model Data in JavaScript

49. Display Images in React Using Jsx Without Import

50. Detect If a Field Is Updated With JavaScript or Jquery

51. How to Add Class on Specific Div When Scroll

52. Check If a String Has White Space

53. How to Remove Special Character from Json Without Parsing

54. Expected to Return a Value At the End of Arrow Function Array-Callback-Return on Filter Function

55. What's the Best Way to Reload/Refresh an Iframe

56. How to Prevent Ajax Requests to Follow Redirects Using Jquery

57. How to Delete a Query String Parameter in JavaScript

58. Dynamically Change Background Color on Scroll

59. Save State When Refresh Page - Reactjs

60. How to Update a Variable After Button Click

61. How to Open a Url Link from JavaScript Inside a Google Apps Script HTML Google Site Gadget

62. How to Specify a Single File to Be Seed Only

63. Call PHP Function With Onclick Event

64. How to Share and Edit Global Variables Between Two JavaScript Node Runs

65. Customizing Item-Text in V-Select

66. How to Detect String Which Contains Only Spaces

67. Passing Variable from One Js to Another Js File in Nodejs

68. React Native Flatlist With Clickable Items

69. How to Find Matching Values in Two Arrays

70. How to Force Clients to Refresh JavaScript Files

71. Securityerror: Blocked a Frame With Origin from Accessing a Cross-Origin Frame

72. Javascript Blob Filename Without Link

73. Draw a Connecting Line Between Two Elements

74. Validating Array of Different Object Shapes in Yup

75. Google Script to See If Text Contains a Value

76. How to Hide the Parent Div If All Its Child Div Are Hidden

77. How to Disable Onclick Without Altering Its Function

78. Return an Empty Observable

79. How to Add a Dynamic Action That Will Redirect to Another Page by Executing JavaScript Code

80. How to Redirect Drop Down Menu When Option Is Selected

81. Angular Conditional Readonly/Disable on Input Fields

82. How to Check If a Cookie Exists

83. How to Mock Private Functions With Jest

84. Vue.Js - How to Call Method from Another Component

85. Find Minimum Numbers of Currency for Required Amount

86. How to Use Document.Getelementbyid() Method in Typescript

87. Is There a Function in Lodash to Replace Matched Item

88. How to Concatenate String and Numbers to Make a Json Object

89. Why Does My Function Return Undefined Whilst I Do Give It an Argument

90. Display HTML Form Values in Same Page After Submit Using Ajax

91. How to Get Only First Character Match With Regex

92. How to Set Cookie in Vuejs

93. Open the File Upload Dialogue Box Onclick the Image

94. Convert Time Stamp to Date Inside Angular Expression Like {{New Date(Timestamp)}}

95. Open Link in a Window Using Script (Google Sheet)

96. How to Convert Formdata (Html5 Object) to Json

97. How to Display Loading Message When an Iframe Is Loading

98. Determine If String Is in Base64 Using JavaScript

99. How to Remove the Div That a Button Is Contained in When the Button Is Clicked

100. How to Force Update Child Component from Parent Component in Reactjs

101. Slick Carousel - Force Slides to Have the Same Height

102. How to Add Button on Each Row in Datatable

103. How to Delete Specific Item from Localstorage

104. Formatting a Number to Have Commas At Every 1000 Factor

105. Logical Operator in a Handlebars.Js {{#If}} Conditional

106. Create a Newline for Every X Number of Characters

107. Node.Js Document Is Not Defined

108. Show 2 Items Per Row[React Native]

109. Php - Return Confirm Within PHP Issue

110. How to Export or Convert Json to Excel in Angularjs

111. Difference Between Client-Side and Server-side Programming

112. Using Jquery to Center a Div on the Screen

113. Contenteditable, Set Caret At the End of the Text (Cross-Browser)

114. Difference Between Relative Path and Absolute Path in JavaScript

115. After Submitting a Post Form Open a New Window Showing the Result

116. How to Scroll to Top of Page With JavaScript/Jquery

117. Jquery: Get Selected Element Tag Name

118. Why Write <Script Type="Text/JavaScript"> When the Mime Type Is Set by the Server

119. Select All Elements That Have a Specific Css, Using Jquery

120. Like Button Ajax in Ruby on Rails

121. Why Does a Regexp With Global Flag Give Wrong Results

122. JavaScript Object: Access Variable Property by Name as String

123. When Should I Use Curly Braces For Es6 Import

124. Random Color Generator

125. Jquery Event Keypress: Which Key Was Pressed

126. Get Month Name from Date

127. Object Destructuring Without Var, Let or Const

128. How to Show a Running Progress Bar While Page Is Loading

129. Using Jquery to Know When @Font-Face Fonts Are Loaded

130. Rails: Post 422 (Unprocessable Entity) in Rails? Due to the Routes or the Controller

131. What's the Significant Use of Unary Plus and Minus Operators

132. How to Get the Scrollbar Position with JavaScript

133. When to Use Vanilla JavaScript VS. Jquery

134. How to Detect If Browser Window Is Scrolled to Bottom

135. Is ".Then(Function(A){ Return A; })" a No-Op for Promises

136. What's the Best Way to Make a D3.Js Visualisation Layout Responsive

137. Remove All Elements Contained in Another Array

138. Es6 Modules: Undefined Onclick Function After Import

139. How to Find the Width of a Div Using Vanilla JavaScript

140. Reset Select Value to Default

141. Open Url in New Tab or Reuse Existing One Whenever Possible

142. "Scroll" to the Very Right of a Long Text Input

143. How to Check Element's Visibility via JavaScript

144. How to Remove "Disabled" Attribute Using Jquery

145. How to Subtract Date/Time in JavaScript

146. Check If an Array Is Empty or Exists

147. Is Node.Js Native Promise.All Processing in Parallel or Sequentially

148. Coordinating Parallel Execution in Node.Js

149. How to Prevent Form from Submitting Multiple Times from Client Side

150. How Does the Math.Max.Apply() Work

151. Angular 2: How to Detect Changes in an Array? (@Input Property)

152. How to Terminate the Script in JavaScript

153. Password Encryption at Client Side

154. How to Bind the HTML <Title> Content in Vuejs

155. Detect Browser Wrapped Lines via JavaScript

156. How to Change the Id of a HTML Element with JavaScript

157. JavaScript Loading Screen While Page Loads

158. What the Difference Between Classes with Space and No Space in CSS, What the Use of Multiple Classes with No Space

159. Can Bootstrap (4) Be Integrated Along with Angular Material (2)

160. Generate Random Element Position and Prevent Overlapping in JavaScript

161. Flexslider <Li> Height's Equal the Tallest <Li> on a Mobile Browser

162. Tinymce Customize "File" Menubar

163. Detecting Width: Auto in Jquery

164. Sticky Header CSS/Js

165. Shadow-Piercing Descendant Combinator, '/Deep/' , Including '::Shadow' Pseudo Elements, Are Being Deprecated So How Do We Pierce the Shadow Dom

166. How to Enable Touch on Multiple Buttons Simultaneously in React Native

167. Faye Ruby Client Is Not Working

168. Why Is It Frowned Upon to Modify JavaScript Object's Prototypes

169. Jquery Clone() Not Cloning Event Bindings, Even with On()

170. How to Extract Text from a PDF in JavaScript

171. JavaScript Getelementbyid() Not Working

172. What Is the Meaning of Symbol $ in Jquery

173. Sort an Array of Objects Based on Another Array of Ids

174. Download File from Bytes in JavaScript

175. Which Edition of Ecma-262 Does Google Apps Script Support

176. Why Does JavaScript's Regex.Exec() Not Always Return the Same Value

177. Convert JavaScript Object or Array to JSON for Ajax Data

178. How to Chain These Functions Together with Promises

179. Check If Element Is Visible on Screen

180. Why Are Await and Async Valid Variable Names

181. Create an Empty Object in JavaScript with {} or New Object()

182. Query Firestore Database for Document Id

183. Node.Js Variable Declaration and Scope

184. Call a Vue.Js Component Method from Outside the Component

185. Import JSON File in React