Slick Carousel - Force Slides to Have the Same Height

Slick carousel - force slides to have the same height

Add a couple of CSS styles and it will be ready:

display: flex !important;

height: inherit !important;

Enjoy! :-)

How to adjust the height of slides in Slick slideshow to be equal?

Add this:

.simple cite {
margin: 0 auto;
.slick-track {

.carousel {

That should work fine.

How can I change the width and height of slides on Slick Carousel?

I made this plugin. There is some css interference taking place.

It's your border on the slider itself. Either use

box-sizing: border-box 

to absorb the border width, or put the border on the content inside the slide.

Slick js make the slick slide to grow to match the parent sibling height

I figured this out.

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