How to Delete Specific Item from Localstorage

How to delete a specific item/object in localStorage?

All the answers were right but you have to :

  1. Parse the string in localStorage to JSON (you did that)
  2. Remove the item you don't want (with slice() )
  3. Make the JSON to string
  4. Re-set it in the localStorage

So :


var items = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem("items")); // updated


for (var i =0; i< items.length; i++) {
var items = JSON.parse(items[i]);
if (items.itemId == 3) {
items.splice(i, 1);


items = JSON.stringify(items); //Restoring object left into items again


localStorage.setItem("items", items);

Parsing to JSON and storing it as string is kinda annoying, but that's the way localStorage works.

Remove a specific item from localstorage with js

Here is refactored code.

  • Firstly there is no need to store count, as we always have access to names.length

  • Store only names on localStorage, not entire HTML

  • For add and remove a name, fetch names array from localStorage, update it and save it back to localStorage.
  • After every action just update the UI using a single function call.

Note: Renamed names-field to name-field in the below implementation.

Here is the working code:,js,output

var $list = document.getElementById('list');var $resetMessage = document.getElementById('reset-message');var $resetCouter = document.getElementById('record-counter');
var names = getNames();
if(names == null){ setNames([]); // initializing the empty array for first time.}
renderData(); // display data
function addNameRecord() { $resetMessage.innerHTML = ''; var name = document.getElementById('name-field'); addName(name.value); renderData(); name.value = ''; //clear input field}
function renderData(){ var names = getNames(); $resetCouter.innerText = names.length; // Count var namesListHTML = ''; names.forEach(function(name, index){ namesListHTML = namesListHTML + '<p class="name-entry"><strong>' + (index + 1) + '. </strong> ' + name + '</p><button onclick="clearThisItem(\'' + name + '\')">Remove</button>' }); $list.innerHTML = namesListHTML;}
function clearArray() { setNames([]); // clear names $resetMessage.innerHTML = 'Array has been purged.'; renderData();}
function clearThisItem(name){ removeName(name); // remove from localStorage renderData();}
function getNames(){ namesStr = localStorage.getItem('names'); if(namesStr) { return JSON.parse(namesStr); } return null;}
function setNames(names){ return localStorage.setItem('names', JSON.stringify(names));}
function addName(name){ var names = getNames(); names.push(name); setNames(names);}
function removeName(name){ var names = getNames(); var index = names.indexOf(name); if (index > -1) { names.splice(index, 1); } setNames(names);}
<!DOCTYPE html><html><head>  <meta charset="utf-8">  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">  <title>JS Bin</title></head><body>      <p>Count : <span id="record-counter"></div></p>    <input id="name-field">    <button onclick="addNameRecord()">Add</button>    <button onclick="clearArray()">Clear</button>    <div id="list"></div>  <div id="reset-message"></div>    </body></html>

How can i delete specific item from LocalStorage

Try to use localStorage.removeItem('ITEM_NAME') method of the localStorage object.

Here is an example of creation, getting and removing items in the localStorage

localStorage.setItem('aaa','1231')  //undefined
localStorage.getItem('aaa') //"1231"
localStorage.removeItem('aaa') //undefined
localStorage.getItem('aaa') //null

Here is example of code for your case:

function displayComment(comment) {
var html = $(`<div class="card" data-id="${}"><h5>${comment.card}</h5></div>`);

$('.yorum').find(html).click(function () {
var arr = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('todo'));
for(var i=0;i<arr.length;i++)
localStorage.setItem('todo', JSON.stringify(arr));


How to remove the item from the local storage by clicking on div?

You Can Use : localStorage.removeItem('object'); to remove object saved as object.

window.localStorage Supports mainly 5 methods:

localStorage.setItem('key', 'value'): 
/* Add key and value to localStorage */
localStorage.getItem('key')  // returns 'val' 
/* Retrieve a value by the key from localStorage */
/* Remove an item by key from localStorage */
/* Clear all localStorage */
localStorage.key(index)  //retrun key
/* Passed a number to retrieve nth key of a localStorage */

Delete specific element in the array in localstorage using javascript and React

You can use these 2 functions to Get and Remove Items from Local Storage.

const getElementsfromLocalStorage = () => {
let elements = [];
if (localStorage.getItem('reptiles')) {
elements = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('reptiles'));
return elements;

const removeElementLocalStorage = (name) => {
let elements = getElementsfromLocalStorage();
elements = elements.filter(element => !== name);
localStorage.setItem('reptiles', JSON.stringify(elements));

Now, when you are rendering the list, render a button with every list item and call the function removeElementLocalStorage when the button is clicked with the value.

<button onClick={() =>removeElementLocalStorage(}>Remove</button>

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