How to Get Only 1St Element of Json Data

How to get only 1st element of JSON data?

Assuming that you have array of objects

var arr = [{        id:"1",      price:"130000.0",      user:55,     },     {         id:"2",       price:"140000.0",      user:55,     }]
<script src=""></script>

How to access first element of JSON object array?

To answer your titular question, you use [0] to access the first element, but as it stands mandrill_events contains a string not an array, so mandrill_events[0] will just get you the first character, '['.

So either correct your source to:

var req = { mandrill_events: [{"event":"inbound","ts":1426249238}] };

and then req.mandrill_events[0], or if you're stuck with it being a string, parse the JSON the string contains:

var req = { mandrill_events: '[{"event":"inbound","ts":1426249238}]' };
var mandrill_events = JSON.parse(req.mandrill_events);
var result = mandrill_events[0];

How to print only first element from JSON Array in ReactJs?

you are using {, index)=>{ return <p>{group.Name}</p>, since you are using map here PostData[0].Name will throw error inside map(), because you are iterating array with map().

Since you only need first item, you can simply use <p>PostData[0].Name</p>

var data = [{"ID": 1,"Name" :"David",},  {"ID": 2,"Name" :"Antony",}];

How do I access first element of JSON object array that is in another JSON object array?

Some entries in itemList may not have images, which would result in the error you are seeing. To account for such entries, we can use conditional property access.

Try item.images[0]?.imageData in the render, this will short-circuit the execution when images[0] does not exist.

This answer initially asked for JSON.parse(itemList) which is what the top comment is referring to. This was not the issue OP was experiencing.

Access only the First Object from a JSON Array

The data at "1" refers to another JSONArray, so to get the first item in the array you would do something like this:

JSONArray array = contact.getJSONArray("1");

In JSON objects are denoted using {} and arrays with []. If you're trying to access a specific value in your JSON object then it's really just a case of following the path to it, through the arrays and objects.

Extract first element from JSON

Deserialize to List<dynamic>, then read the properties of its first element.

//using Newtonsoft.Json;
var input = @"[{""unique_id"":55,""action_name"":""INSERT"",""start_date"":""2018-06-11T16:00:00"",""end_date"":""2018-06-11T17:00:00""},""1sddsd"",""my_channel""]";
var output = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<List<dynamic>>(input);




Gatling : get the first element of the first object in a JSON Array

This can be done in a few steps.

  1. At the first need to extract only json and change response body.
  2. And then you can use simple jsonPath and work with json

For change - use transformResponse where extract json string and remove break lines and set as new response body

.transformResponse { (response, _) =>
val json = response.body.string match {
case s"""<div id="DATA--DECL-DATA">${json}</div>""" => json.replaceAll("\n", "")

response.copy(body = new StringResponseBody(json, response.body.charset))

Getting only first element of json

Parse like this,you have to match the property with JSON

JSONObject jsonObj = new JSONObject(Response);
JSONArray JsonArray = jsonObj.getJSONArray("api_data");

for (int i = 0; i < JsonArray.length(); i++) {
JSONObject jsonObject = JsonArray.getJSONObject(i);

String id=jsonObject.getString("ID");
String projectname=jsonObject.getString("project_name");
String content=jsonObject.getString("project_content");


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