Get Directory of a File Name in JavaScript

Get directory of a file name in Javascript

I don't know if there is any built in functionality for this, but it's pretty straight forward to get the path.

path = path.substring(0,path.lastIndexOf("\\")+1);

Way to get file name and parent directory name

You can .split('/') the URL on the forward slash character /. Then .slice(-2) to get the last 2 items from the split items. Then .join('/') those two items back together with a slash.

function parentPath(url) {  return url.split('/').slice(-2).join('/')}
console.log(parentPath('/directory1/index.html?v=1.1')) console.log(parentPath('directory1/directory2/dircetory3/index.html?v=1.1')) console.log(parentPath('/index.html?v=1.1'))console.log(parentPath('index.html?v=1.1'))

Javascript - How to extract filename from a file input control

Assuming your <input type="file" > has an id of upload this should hopefully do the trick:

var fullPath = document.getElementById('upload').value;
if (fullPath) {
var startIndex = (fullPath.indexOf('\\') >= 0 ? fullPath.lastIndexOf('\\') : fullPath.lastIndexOf('/'));
var filename = fullPath.substring(startIndex);
if (filename.indexOf('\\') === 0 || filename.indexOf('/') === 0) {
filename = filename.substring(1);

Get directory from a file path or url

Using path module of node.js:




Get File Name and Parent Folder of URL

Using .split(), you can select the last 2 elements and join them together after:

var url = "";var path = url.split('/').slice(-2).join('/'); alert(path);

Read files from directory and save to array of object

I got it working after reading several articles on closure and promises. The below code works for me and sends me array of employees that are processed.

const directoryPath = './tax/';

function readFiles(dirname) {
fs.readdir(dirname, async function (err,filenames) {
if(err) {
return err;

let promiseArr = file=> {
return new Promise((resolve)=>{
processFile(file, resolve)


function processFile(file, callback) {
const filePath = path.join(__dirname,directoryPath,file);
const readStream = fs.createReadStream(filePath);
const fileContent = readline.createInterface({
input: readStream

let employeeObj = {
empId : '',

fileContent.on('line', function(line) {
if(!employeeObj.empId && line.includes("Employee:")) {
const empId = line.replace('Employee: ','').split(" ")[0];
employeeObj.empId = empId;
else if(line.includes('Total Earnings')) {
const amount = line.replace(/[^0-9.]/g,'');
employeeObj.TotalEarning = amount;
else if(line.includes('Profession Tax')) {
const amount = line.split(" ").pop() || 0;
employeeObj.ProfessionalTax = amount;
else if(line.includes('Gross Income')) {
const amount = line.replace(/[^0-9.]/g,'');
employeeObj.GrossIncome = amount ||0;
else if(line.includes('finance department immediately')) {
employeeObj.isDone = true;
return callback(employeeObj);


fileContent.on('close', function() {


Surely, the code can be improved further.

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