How to Concatenate Multiple Lines of Output to One Line

How to concatenate multiple lines of output to one line?

Use tr '\n' ' ' to translate all newline characters to spaces:

$ grep pattern file | tr '\n' ' '

Note: grep reads files, cat concatenates files. Don't cat file | grep!


tr can only handle single character translations. You could use awk to change the output record separator like:

$ grep pattern file | awk '{print}' ORS='" '

This would transform:



one" two" three" 

How to merge multiple lines into single line but only for block of lines separated by blank line

Even a bit shorter than the version of John1024

awk 'BEGIN { RS=""; ORS="\n\n"}{$1=$1}1'


awk -v RS="" -v ORS="\n\n" '{$1=$1}1'

Using RS="" tells awk to use any paragraph as a record (i.e. a block of text separated by blank lines). But it also tells awk that a <newline> is always a field separator in combination with FS. By just redefining the output record separator ORS, we can output everything as you want by telling awk to redefine its record $0 by resetting the first record $1=$1. This has as effect that all field separators defined by FS (the default value here) and the newlines (due to RS="") are replaced by OFS (default a <space;>). Finally we print the record with 1

You can get rid of all the spaces when you additionally set OFS=""

RS The first character of the string value of RS shall be the input record separator; a <newline> by default. If RS contains more than one character, the results are unspecified. If RS is null, then records are separated by sequences consisting of a <newline> plus one or more blank lines, leading or trailing blank lines shall not result in empty records at the beginning or end of the input, and a <newline> shall always be a field separator, no matter what the value of FS is.

source: POSIX awk standard

Combine multiple lines (line break) into one line in python

Set the strip=True argument in get_text() to remove a newline (\n):

summary = article.find('div', class_='entry-content entry clearfix').get_text(strip=True)

Since you have already stripped the whitespace from summary, don't call .strip() when writing to the CSV file, instead, use:

csv_writer.writerow([title, summary])


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How can I combine multiple lines of text into one line in Python with a delimiter to separate them with big files (4gb+)

You can read from input file and write to output file at same time, for example:

current = []

with open('DEFIS.TXT', 'r') as f_in, open('DEFIS-OUT.TXT', 'w') as f_out:
for line in map(str.strip, f_in):
if line.startswith('D1000'):
if current:
print('|'.join(current), file=f_out)
current = []
#save last chunk (if any):
if current:
print('|'.join(current), file=f_out)

If DEFIS.TXT contains:


Then DEFIS-OUT.TXT after running the script will contain:


Merge multiple lines to single line in a file skipping the header

With perl

$ perl -pe 's/\n// if $. > 1 && !eof' AAB08704.1.fasta 
>gi|1117824|gb|AAB08704.1| ecdysteroid regulated 16 kDa [Manduca sexta]
  • s/\n// remove newline

    • if $. > 1 && !eof only if line number is greater than one and not end of file
  • Use perl -i -pe for inplace editing. See Command Switches for documentation on -i, -p and -e

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