React Button Onclick Redirect Page

react button onClick redirect page

Don't use a button as a link. Instead, use a link styled as a button.

<Link to="/signup" className="btn btn-primary">Sign up</Link>

Button onClick() page redirect in ReactJS

SOLUTION 1: Without Routing, you can achieve it using multi-entry in webpack and by creating a separate page in your bundle using HTMLWebpackPlugin

entry: {
resume: require.resolve('./path/to/Resume.js'),,
output: {
filename: '[name].[contenthash:8].js'
plugins: [
// Generates an `index.html` file with the <script> injected.
new HtmlWebpackPlugin(
filename: 'resume/index.html',
inject: true,

SOLUTION 2 With routing

It is much easier to implement

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import { BrowserRouter, Route, useHistory } from 'react-router-dom';

//css imports
import './App.css';
import './SplashPage/splashpage.css';

//File Imports
import Resume from "./Resume/resume.js";

//Component Import
import Button from '@material-ui/core/Button';

function App() {
const history = useHistory()

return (
<div className="App">
{ <div id="cf">
<Button onClick={() => history.push('resume')}>
</div> }

const Main = () => (
<Route path="/resume" component={Resume} />
<Route path="/" component={App} />

export default Main;

How to redirect to another page on button click in Reactjs

Basically React does not have "pages". The idea is more to "show" or "hide" components, this gives the user a page/view impression.

The easiest way to achieve routing in React is to use a declarative router library like react router especially for more complex apps.

Here is an example without react router to understand the basic concept:

const ViewOne = ({onClick}) => (  <div>    View 1 <br />    <button onClick={() => onClick("view2")}>Go to view 2</button>  </div>);
const ViewTwo = ({onClick}) => ( <div> View 2 <br /> <button onClick={() => onClick("view1")}>Go to view 1</button> </div>);

const App = () => { const [currentView, setCurrentView] = React.useState("view1"); return ( <div> { currentView === "view1" ? <ViewOne onClick={page => setCurrentView(page)} /> : <ViewTwo onClick={page => setCurrentView(page)} /> } </div> );};
const domContainer = document.querySelector('#my-app');ReactDOM.render(<App />, domContainer);
<div id="my-app"></div>
<script src="" crossorigin></script> <script src="" crossorigin></script>

Redirect to another page in reactJS onClick

You don't need to use the Link component in this example. Try using the history prop (props.history.push('/')) See the below examples, the last one should apply to you:

In your App.js router:

<Route path="/auth" component={Auth} />
<Route path="/errorpage" component={ErrorPage} />
<Route path="/" exact component={HomeScreen} />
<Redirect to='/' />

On the page where you want to redirect:

import React, { useState } from 'react'

const Auth = props => {

const [form, setForm] = useState({
data: {
email: '',
password: ''

const authHandler = async (event) => {
try {
// await dispatch(action) // dispatch to redux or send a fetch
props.history.push('/') // redirects if no errors
} catch (err) {
props.history.push('/errorpage') // redirects if an error

const inputChangedHandler = e => {
data: {,

return (
<form onSubmit={authHandler}>
<input id='email' type='email' value={} onChange={inputChangedHandler} />
<input id='password' type='password' value={} onChange={inputChangedHandler} />
<button type='submit'>Login</button>

export default Auth

In your case try the below if the page is on the route stack the history prop will be available or you will have to use withRouter or useHistory hook to get access to the history prop.

const clickHandler = () => {
try {
// await dispatch(action)
props.history.push('/') // redirects
} catch (err) {
props.history.push('/errorpage') // redirects

return (<button type='button' onClick={clickHandler}>Click Me</button)

React - redirecting to full url and not relative url

So in this case , you are not needing the power of react router .

Keep it simple and only use html a tag

 <a href="your link here">Take the survey</a>

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