Get Month Name from Date

Get month name from Date

Shorter version:

const monthNames = ["January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June",

"July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"


const d = new Date();

document.write("The current month is " + monthNames[d.getMonth()]);

How to extract month name from date

You can add a new column like below :

 Month = Format([YourDate],”MMM”)

Or using a custom column :

= Table.AddColumn(#"Changed Type", "NewColumn", each DateTime.ToText([YourDate], "MMM"), type text)

python/pandas: convert month int to month name

You can do this efficiently with combining calendar.month_abbr and df[col].apply()

import calendar
df['Month'] = df['Month'].apply(lambda x: calendar.month_abbr[x])

Get month name from Date using JavaScript but so that the date is 15 days ahead of actual date

Here is the sample you are looking for,

var months = new Array(12);
months[0] = "January";
months[1] = "February";
months[2] = "March";
months[3] = "April";
months[4] = "May";
months[5] = "June";
months[6] = "July";
months[7] = "August";
months[8] = "September";
months[9] = "October";
months[10] = "November";
months[11] = "December";

var current_date = new Date();
current_date.setDate(current_date.getDate() + 15);
month_value = current_date.getMonth();
day_value = current_date.getDate();
year_value = current_date.getFullYear();

document.write("The current date is " + months[month_value] + " " + day_value + ", " + year_value);

Extract month name from date column pandas

Check this

df['month'] = pd.DatetimeIndex(df['Date']).month_name()

Getting nominative month name in date-fns

I was able to find a solution. To get the stand-alone name of the month the LLLL format should be used.

The working code should look like this:

import { format } from 'date-fns'; 
import { ru } from 'date-fns/locale';

format(new Date(), 'LLLL', { locale: ru }); // июнь

See documentation -> Month (stand-alone):

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