Faye Ruby Client Is Not Working

faye ruby client is not working

I finally used HTTP not the Ruby Faye client as described in railscasts episode 260.

require 'net/http'
message = {:channel => '/faye/new_chats', :data => self.text, :ext => {:auth_token => FAYE_TOKEN}}
uri = URI.parse("http://localhost:9292/faye")
Net::HTTP.post_form(uri, :message => message.to_json)

It solves my problem.

NOTE: This solution only works with HTTP but not with HTTPS. If any one find a solution for HTTPS plz update me.

Faye Websocket Ruby not working as expected

Okay, After a lot of searching and testing.. I found that the issue was with not setting a ping. during websocket initialization in the server.

Change this

ws = Faye::WebSocket.new(env, nil) # {ping: KEEPALIVE_TIME }


ws = Faye::WebSocket.new(env, nil, {ping: KEEPALIVE_TIME })

My KEEPALIVE_TIME is 0.5 because I am making a stock application where rates change very quickly. You can keep it per your needs.

Messaging with Faye : ReferenceError: Faye is not defined

I would suggest you to use your actual ip instead of localhost in Faye.Client initialization in production environment(of course use request.host helper for this):

var faye = new Faye.Client("http://#{ request.host }:9292/faye");

How can I push to Faye Server from Rails Controller?

I did't use Event Machine but I use Fay-web Socket in rails , I am using thin web-server for my application to show notification.

First you add this line into you Gemfile

gem 'faye'
gem 'thin'

Now ! run bundle install command for install gem and it's

Create a faye.ru file and add given line (a rackup file for run
Faye server ).

require 'rubygems'
require 'thin'
require 'faye'
faye_server = Faye::RackAdapter.new(:mount => '/faye', :timeout => 45)
run faye_server

Now add line to your application.erb file

<%= javascript_include_tag 'application', "http://localhost:9292/faye.js", 'data-turbolinks-track' => true %>

Create a method with name broadcast or any name which is
suitable for you in websoket.rb (first create websoket.rb file
inside config/initializers ) .

module Websocket
def broadcast(channel, msg)
message = {:channel => channel, :data => msg}
uri = URI.parse("http://localhost:9292/faye")
Net::HTTP.post_form(uri, :message => message.to_json)

Now use this method inside your model or controller where you want.

In my case I am using this inside the **Notification.rb to sending notification.**


after_create :send_notificaton 

def send_notification
broadcast("/users/#{user.id}", {username: "#{user.full_name }", msg: "Hello you are invited for project--| #{project.name} | please check your mail"})

For subscriber

<div id="websocket" style="background-color: #999999;">
$(function () {
var faye = new Faye.Client('http://localhost:9292/faye');
faye.subscribe('/users/<%= current_user.id %>', function (data) {
$('#websocket').text(data.username + ": " + data.msg);

Now ! Run your faye.ru file using terminal

rackup faye.ru -s thin -E prodcution

For details
Faye websocket

Faye does not publish when using a browser on another computer in the network

To resolve the issue I replaced all instances of "localhost" with the address of the server on which Faye is running. This includes for subscribing clients to channels as well.

Hope it helps,

Faye, websocket connection problems: can't establish connection with ws://localhost:9292/faye

Apparently, you need at least version 0.7 to support websockets. http://blog.jcoglan.com/2011/11/28/announcing-faye-websocket-a-standards-compliant-websocket-library/ This meant updating rubygems, for me, and re-running bundle install. I also needed to change my .ru file to include the following:


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