Which Edition of Ecma-262 Does Google Apps Script Support

Which Edition of ECMA-262 Does Google Apps Script Support?

The documentation says that the old runtime is based on Mozilla's Rhino JavaScript interpreter which provides a subset of ECMAScript 5 and is based on 1.6, with a smattering of 1.7 and 1.8.

The new Apps Script runtime is supported by the V8 runtime with few exceptions like E6 Modules.

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Which edition of the ECMAScript standard is actually implemented in Chrome V8?

V8 supports ES5 in its entirety.

V8 Runtime for Google Apps Scripts

As per migrating scripts to v8 docs V8 standards_compliant.

However when migrating your scripts to V8 there can be some incompatibilities that you need to address or your scripts can break. While Mozilla's Rhino JS Interpreter provided a convenient way for Apps Script to execute developer scripts, it also tied Apps Script to a specific JavaScript version (ES5)

V8 implements ECMAScript 2020.

Here you have some V8 syntax examples

Hope it helps.

Google Apps Script Javascript Standard Support

According to the docs Apps Script is based on JavaScript 1.6.

This table explains the correlation to the ES standards.

What do all these numbers mean in the names of ecma-262, ecma-402, tc-39?

Before reading the comments under this question I though that ecma international was an organization that was responsible only for ecmascript and nothing else. And all these numbers in this context were strange for me. But now, I understand that ecma is an organization that standardizes things. And ecmascript (alias for ecma-262) is one of those things.

Answering my question *-262 means the next available number within ecma organization to reference the specification, as well as *-402. And *39 (in TC39) refers to a group of people who have been tasked with maintaining the ecma-262 specification. New group - new number, new standard - new number. Now it's clear.

Does Google Apps Script support external IDEs?

Google has dropped support for Apps Script inside Eclipse but you can set up a local development environment inside VS Code using the Apps Script Starter kit and CLASP.

Here's a video tutorial to help you get started.

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