How to Stop Parsing Xml Document with Sax at Any Time

How to stop parsing xml document with SAX at any time?

Create a specialization of a SAXException and throw it (you don't have to create your own specialization but it means you can specifically catch it yourself and treat other SAXExceptions as actual errors).

public class MySAXTerminatorException extends SAXException {

public void startElement (String namespaceUri, String localName,
String qualifiedName, Attributes attributes)
throws SAXException {
if (someConditionOrOther) {
throw new MySAXTerminatorException();

Java. Sax parser. How to manually break parsing?

Throw an exception in the handler and catch it in the code block where you started parsing:

try {
} catch (SAXException e) {
if (e.Cause instanceof BreakParsingException) {
// we have broken the parsing process

And in your DocumentHandler:

public void startElement(String namespaceURI,
String localName,
String qName,
Attributes atts)
throws SAXException {
// ...
throw new SAXException(new BreakParsingException());

How do I stop parsing an XML document with IVBSAXXMLReader in Delphi?

Simply calling Abort; is fine. In this case, just override SafeCallException in your IVBSAXContentHandler implementor class:

function TContentHandler.SafeCallException(ExceptObject: TObject; ExceptAddr: Pointer): HRESULT;
Result := HandleSafeCallException(ExceptObject, ExceptAddr, TGUID.Empty, '', '');

HandleSafeCallException supplied in ComObj will cause EAbort you're raising to be translated into a HRESULT value E_ABORT which will then be translated back to EAbort by SafeCallError.

Alternatively, you can raise your own exception class, override SafeCallException to translate it into your specific HRESULT value and replace SafeCallErrorProc with your own to translate it back into your Delphi exception which you can then handle on the calling side.

Java Sax Parser - stop processing in EndElementListener

Define a new unchecked exception called "SaxBreakOutException":

class SaxBreakOutException extends RuntimeException {

Throw this in your listener:

chanItem.setEndElementListener(new EndElementListener()  {
public void end() {
if (++_currentItem == _maxElements) {
throw new SaxBreakOutException();

And catch it in the code that calls XmLReader.parse():

try {
reader.parse(new InputSource(new StringReader(xml)));
} catch (SaxBreakOutException allDone) {

Alternatively, switch to Android's XmlPullParser which doesn't require exceptions to break out early.

Can I somehow tell to SAX parser to stop at some element and get its child nodes as a string?

It does not seem to be offered by the xml.sax API, but you can utilize another way of interrupting control flow: exceptions.

Just define a custom exception for that purpose:

class FinishedParsing(Exception):

Raise this exception in your handler when you have finished parsing and simply ignore it.

except FinishedParsing:

End parsing xml early in sax

The below code should work for you.

The idea is to raise a specific exception, to catch it and ignore it ..

class HaveEnoughRows(Exception):

class myHandler(sax.ContentHandler):
def __init__(self):
self.count = 0

def startElement(self, name, attrs):
if name == 'row':
self.count += 1

def endElement(self, name):
if self.count > 10000:
# stop the parser
raise HaveEnoughRows()

def sax_parse():
parser = sax.make_parser()
parser.setFeature(sax.handler.feature_namespaces, 0)
handler = myHandler()
except HaveEnoughRows:

Is there a way to Stop or Quit parsing from within a DefaultHandler?

you can throw the SAXException to stop parsing

you can use a subclass of it to ensure the parsing failed because of your decision and not a random parse exception

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