How to Install Libksba on MAC Osx

Homebrew (Mac): cannot install libksba or dependency libgpg-error

These are the formulas associated with libksba and libpgp-error: Homebrew Libksba Formula and Homebrew Libgpg-Error. Try first updating Homebrew, since the discrepancy between the version shown in your logs and the one in the repo tells me is outdated:

brew update
brew install libksba

If that doenst work, then you can download it from here:

  url ''
url ''
mirror ''

Completing install of ruby 1.9.3 with Ruby for for Mac OS X 10.7.5 Leopard, Xcode 4.5.2 -- problems with rvm pkg install openssl

in Xcode you need to install command line tools, but ... easier way is to install osx-gcc-installer, it includes all the required libraries, compiler and is just one package

Error installing any ruby version with RVM on OSX

I ran into the same issue, you need to manually install all the required packages using Brew. For me I had to run the following installs:

brew install autoconf
brew install automake
brew install libtool
brew install apple-gcc42
brew install libyaml
brew install libxslt
brew install libksba
brew install openssl

You just need to keep running "rvm requirements" and reading the log and installing the packages needed until there are no more errors.

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