Heroku Rails Rake Task to Sync Production & Local Db

Heroku Rails Rake Task to Sync Production & Local DB

Check out the Parity gem. It offers several commands to do the following Heroku Rails tasks easily -

  1. Backup DB's
  2. Restore DB's
  3. Run rails console
  4. Tail logs
  5. Run migrations
  6. Deploy

You're of course primarily looking for the first two.

After installation, it expects that you have two git remote values set named staging and production. development isn't needed as it is assumed to be your local machine.

You can get the git url for the other two environments from your Heroku dashboard -> (your app) -> Settings -> Info

After you have that set up, it's as simple as

production backup
development restore production

The code is pretty simple, so I encourage you to read it. But it's essentially doing exactly what your rake code attempts to do by getting a public URL and restoring it.

Rake Task not working on Heroku

I needed to add :environment on my rake task

task :my_task => :environment do
# do work

i also add the followind line:

config.dependency_loading = true

on production.rb file

Combining rake tasks for rails/heroku not working

I should use backticks (`) instead of the exec ruby command. Here's what the code should like for the rake deploy_production to work:

desc 'Push to heroku production, db:migrate, and restart app'
task :deploy_production => ['heroku:push', 'heroku:migrate', 'heroku:restart']

namespace :heroku do
task :push do
puts 'Deploying app to Heroku...'
`git push heroku master`

task :migrate do
puts 'Running database migrations ...'
`heroku run rake db:migrate`

task :restart do
puts 'Restarting app servers ...'
`heroku restart`

I had problems posting it immediately because I am new to stackoverflow, and I can't post an answer immediately to my own question.

The reason I prefer backticks over system in ruby is because of the slight advantage discussed here: Ruby, Difference between exec, system and %x() or Backticks

Local version works but the production version does not

The problem appears to be an open comment (*/) in one of my CSS files. This came to my attention when I attempted to compile the assets with the command:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake assets:precompile

and got the error...

rake aborted!
Invalid CSS after "*/": expected identifier, was "/* Sections"

I deleted the extraneous "*/", forced a push to Heroku (git push -f heroku master), deleted index.html and voila the right page was served.

Thank you to all for the help and recommendations!

unable to migrate database on production while running rake task

Looks like your database is not ready on Heroku.

Please veryify to have installed a mysql database for your application and then run heroku run db:setup to build the schema and seed it.

Why does Rake task enhancement differ between my local environment and when deploying to Heroku Cedar?

i've been looking into this issue and I found out that the behavior of the assets:precompile depending on if RAILS_ENV and RAILS_GROUPS are both set or not take a look at this locally.

  # This works
→ bundle exec rake assets:precompile RAILS_ENV=production
>>>>>>>> hello from precompile:nondigest
>>>>>>>> hello from precompile

# This works
→ bundle exec rake assets:precompile RAILS_GROUPS=assets
>>>>>>>> hello from precompile:nondigest
>>>>>>>> hello from precompile

# This does not work :'(
→ bundle exec rake assets:precompile RAILS_ENV=production RAILS_GROUPS=assets
>>>>>>>> hello from precompile:nondigest

The problem comes from https://github.com/rails/rails/blob/3-2-stable/actionpack/lib/sprockets/assets.rake in invoke_or_reboot_rake_task method if you replace the Rake::Task[task].invoke line with ruby_rake_task task then it works like you would expect it to. I've been poking around on exactly why this is, and haven't found the reason.

Since both variables are set in the Heroku build pack, you could create a custom build pack without setting both GROUP and ENV settings, though I think that is overkill. In this scenario you should be able to enhance assets:precompile:primary or assets:precompile:all and achieve an outcome similar to your desired intent.

Failed to deploy rails6 app to heroku due to Can't detect rake task

I had the same issue today. All I did to solve it was to move the spring gem from the development group to the "main" group in my Gemfile.

Gemfile before:

ruby '2.7.2'

group :development do
gem 'spring'

Gemfile before:

ruby '2.7.2'

gem 'spring'

I hope it also works for you.

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