How to Compare Two Json Objects Using C#

How to compare two Json objects using C#

I did a bit more digging and was able to find out why the OP's test code doesn't run as expected. I was able to fix it by installing and using the FluentAssertions.Json nuget package.

One important thing:

Be sure to include using FluentAssertions.Json otherwise false
positives may occur.

Test code is the following:

using FluentAssertions;
using FluentAssertions.Json;
using Newtonsoft.Json;
using Newtonsoft.Json.Linq;
using NUnit.Framework;

public class JsonTests
public void JsonObject_ShouldBeEqualAsExpected()
JToken expected = JToken.Parse(@"{ ""Name"": ""20181004164456"", ""objectId"": ""4ea9b00b-d601-44af-a990-3034af18fdb1%>"" }");
JToken actual = JToken.Parse(@"{ ""Name"": ""AAAAAAAAAAAA"", ""objectId"": ""4ea9b00b-d601-44af-a990-3034af18fdb1%>"" }");


Running the test:

Unit test results

How compare two json objects by only key?

One way you could achive this is by retrieving the names/path of all keys in json and comparing the List. For example,

var path1 = GetAllPaths(json1).OrderBy(x=>x).ToList();
var path2 = GetAllPaths(json2).OrderBy(x=>x).ToList();
var result = path1.SequenceEqual(path2);

Where GetAllPaths is defined as

private IEnumerable<string> GetAllPaths(string json)
var regex = new Regex(@"\[\d*\].",RegexOptions.Compiled);
return JObject.Parse(json).DescendantsAndSelf()
.Where(jp => jp.Value is JValue)
.Select(jp => regex.Replace(jp.Path,".")).Distinct();

Sample Demo

Check if two json are equivalent

Using Newtonsoft.Json nuget package's DeepEquals :

using Newtonsoft.Json.Linq;

var jsonText1 = File.ReadAllText(fileName1);
var jsonText2 = File.ReadAllText(fileName2);

var json1 = JObject.Parse(jsonText1);
var json2 = JObject.Parse(jsonText2);

var areEqual = JToken.DeepEquals(json1, json2);

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