Redirect from Controller to Another View of Another Controller

How to redirect to Index from another controller?

Use the overloads that take the controller name too...

return RedirectToAction("Index", "MyController");


@Html.ActionLink("Link Name","Index", "MyController", null, null)

Redirect to Action in another controller

You can supply the area in the routeValues parameter. Try this:

return RedirectToAction("LogIn", "Account", new { area = "Admin" });


return RedirectToAction("LogIn", "Account", new { area = "" });

depending on which area you're aiming for.

MVC Redirect to a different view in another controller

You can't do it the way you are doing it. You are trying to pass a complex object in the url, and that just doesn't work. The best way to do this is using route values, but that requires you to build the route values specifically. Because of all this work, and the fact that the route values will be shown on the URL, you probably want this to be as simple a concise as possible. I suggest only passing the ID to the object, which you would then use to look up the object in the target action method.

For instance:

return RedirectToAction("Edit", new {id = clientViewRecord.client.ClientId});

The above assumes you at using standard MVC routing that takes an id parameter. and that client is a complex object and not just the id, in which case you'd just use id = clientViewRecord.client

Asp.Net MVC - using RedirectToAction() to go to another controller in a different folder - 2 deep

According to Microsoft documentation, There is a process call View Discovery that search the Views automatically or by specifying the path :

To do this, I think, you have two solutions:

1 - Create Admin folder under the Views, and not under Views/AdminFunctions. by using the below redirection :

1.1 - HomeController

public ActionResult Index()
return RedirectToAction("Index", "Admin");

1.2 - AdminController

public ActionResult Index()
return View();

2 - Keep the same hierarchy, and specify the path to locate Index view for AdminController :

2.1 - HomeController

public ActionResult Index()
return RedirectToAction("Index", "Admin");

2.2 - AdminController

public ActionResult Index()
return View("/Views/AdminFunctions/Admin/Index.cshtml");

I hope this will help you fix the issue

Redirect in MVC controller to another controller not working

Try this-

return RedirectToAction("Index", "Error", new {
ErrorTitle = "Record not Found",
ErrorMessage = "The Product you are looking for is no longer available"

You basically need to redirect to the error controller and pass in the params as part of the route. RedirectToAction takes a parameter of RouteValues

Also you do not need "ErrorController", you can just use "Error"

Redirecting to Another Controller

Switch the s and profile, you have them reversed. RedirectToAction MVC redirect Url to another controller view

Don't use Redirect to redirect to Actions in your app. There are several reasons for this. First, it's just simpler to user RedirectToAction as Alundra's answer provides. However, simpler is only part of the answer.

There's a problem with using Redirect. And that has to do with the way Routing works in MVC. In MVC, you can reach the same action via multiple different URL's. For instance, in a default MVC template, the following are all valid URL's.


Now, what happens when you use Redirect? If you use the last url, it will work fine. You'll end up with the following url.


But if you're at any of the others, you have a problem...


Oops... that won't work... That will be looking for a controller named HomeMgrController.

You get the same at the root as well.

Using RedirectToAction solves this problem, as it takes your routing into account and will figure out the correct url to redirect you to based on the Controller and Action you specify.

Redirect user from controller to another view MVC

You don't redirect to a view, you redirect to an action or a route. If I'm correctly parsing the path you're attempting, where you have this:

return Redirect("/Admin/Reporting/ReportManagement")

should be

return RedirectToAction("Reporting", "ReportManagement", new { area="Admin" }) 

This assumes a Reporting action on a ReportManagementController class in the Admin area.

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