How Get Client (User) Machine Name (Computer Name) With Jquery or JavaScript or Server-Side Codes. (Scrutiny of Possible Ways)

How get client (user) machine name (computer name) with jQuery or JavaScript or server-side codes. (scrutiny of possible ways)

As far as I remember, in order to get:

  • Request.ServerVariables["REMOTE_ADDR"]
  • Request.ServerVariables["REMOTE_HOST"]
  • Request.ServerVariables["REMOTE_USER"]

you have to enable Reverse DNS Lookup for you IIS.

atm I'm not able to test it myself, so I'm not quite sure if this will solve ur problem

How to get Client computer name from web application (internet application)

You can get Computer names using codes if they are in a network(intranet) which works fine as you suggested.

At the same time when the system is accessed via internet there is no computer name rather Domain name.

I want to get the machine name of the client the request is being made
from. With ASP I can get the IP address. But I don’t know how to get
the name of the machine. Is there something I could do from the client

No, the web browser client cannot determine the name of the machine.

Clients and servers should not trust each other. In the absence of
authentication evidence, clients must assume that all servers are run
by evil hackers and servers must assume that all clients are run by
evil hackers. Once you accept that fundamental design principle then
it becomes much easier to reason about client-server interactions.
Think like an evil person!

More reference on the topic (Retrieving the system name) , you can refer :

Stack Overflow posts :

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  2. How get client (user) machine name (computer name) with jQuery or JavaScript or server-side codes.

Hope that will put more light on the issue.

Is there a way to retrieve the Computer Name of a Xenapp client?

It appears this information is stored in the environment variable called CLIENTNAME, and it is only in the Process Environment. I used the following code:

System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("CLIENTNAME", EnvironmentVariableTarget.Process);

Can we get IP address and/or machine of client accessing a particular website?

try this site

here they have given a way to do it may be it will help

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