Android Emulator Is Start But Window Show Blank Screen

Android Emulator stays with black screen after trying a lot of things to fix it

Have you tried enabling hyper-virtualization from your BIOS?

  1. It's important to check if you have at least 2GB of HDD space before starting it, usually, it turns to boot up slower if you are using a PC with less than 16 GB of RAM for this new Studio 4.0.
    Check out this link for more info.
  2. Also, check the amount of memory allocated to the Emulator, it should be probably higher than 512MB for a better experience.
  3. Also, check the amount of memory allocated to the android studio by doing:
    File -> Settings->Appearance & Behavior->Appearance. In my case, a 6GB works just fine.

Android studio emulator white screen

Well I have discovered that in order to solve the issue you have to go to the sidebar menu click More>Settings>OpenGL ES Renderer and(in my case) set it to Angle(D3D11) or Angle(D3D9) or Swiftshader. After that you simply restart the emulator and the issue should be gone.

For me Desktop native OpenGL and Autodetect based on host(which probably sets it to the first thing) don't work and leave you with a white screen.

Emulator Not Booting (White Screen)

An Android Emulator update finally fixed the issue. So make sure you updated all the SDK tools

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