How to Set Up Android Studio to Work Completely Offline

How do I set up Android Studio to work completely offline?

OK guys I finally overcame this problem. Here is the solution:

  1. Download for offline use.

  2. Paste it in the C:\Users\username\.gradle directory.

  3. Open Android Studio and click on the "Create New Project" option and you will not get this error any more while offline.

    You might get some other errors like this:

    Sample Image

    Don't worry, just ignore it. Your project has been created.

  4. So now click on "Import Project" and go to the path C:\Users\username\AndroidStudioProjects and open your project and you are done.

how to install android studio full offline

Definitely YES, you can always install Android Studio with all SDK packages & Tools on an Off-line PC. As I just did it myself.

Only thing U have to insure that you must have one PC with internet with Similar configuration as of Off-line PC(s). For example, if you have Win 7 64 bits On-Line PC, then you should have Win 7 64 bit on Off-Line PC as well. But I have not tried extensively on 64 vs 32 bit PCs.

Once You have installed Android Bundle (available on android studio website), on both On-line and Off-line PCs, you download all necessary files required to run the Android Studio properly on On-Line PC.

After that, compare the folder inside sdk folder: "C:\user\name\AppData\Local\Android\sdk " available on both PCs (On-Line & Off-Line). And where ever you feel that some files are missing copy that folder from On-Line PC and paste in Off-Line PC. Especially, you need to do this for folder : 'extras', 'tool' & 'system-images'.

After this, just ENJOY!!!

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