Android Studio: Emulator Is Running But Not Showing Up in Run App "Choose a Running Device"

Android studio: emulator is running but not showing up in Run App choose a running device

Probably the project you are running is not compatible (API version/Hardware requirements) with the emulator settings. Check in your build.gradle file if the targetSDK and minimumSdk version is lower or equal to the sdk version of your Emulator.

You should also uncheck Tools > Android > Enable ADB Integration

If your case is different then restart your Android Studio and run the emulator again.

Emulator in Android Studio doesn't start

I had the same problem. I just created the AVD with 768 MB RAM and it did run fine!

Emulator is not working in android studio latest version

I have 2 Solutions so you can try both if one doesn't work

Solution No 1

Select device manager and select your device and select the drop-down menu

Sample Image

then click on the show on disk option

Sample Image

then delete all files that have the .lock extension and run your emulator again.

Android Sample Image 1

Solution No 2

You can get a normal emulator like previous time android studio have, so to get the previous emulator in the new version of android studio you can do these steps

open the settings tab by following the below steps or by pressing Ctrl + Alt + S

Select File > Settings > Tools > Emulator

then unTick the option name Launch in a Tool Window then click okay
now you got the previous emulator. and if in the emulator you got any issues you can check This Solution for Emulator on StackOverFlow

Android Sample Image 2

android studio emulator won't start/show up

By running and emulator.exe command in a command prompt, I was able to see yet another error message, the same one as in this post: emulator: incompatible HAX module version 3 requirs minimum version 4, and the answer to that post from user Harold Sota (as well as the comment under it from Harun, more specific to my situation) solved the issue.

Android app not showing in the emulator

Unfortunately nothing suggested in other replies helped, but I found a decent workaround.

If you have an android device probably the simplest thing to do would be to connect it to usb and just hit "debug as android application" and in 3 or 4 seconds it will load up on your android device.

To use that option you need to instal USB driver package, but that is no problem.

Can't see Android Emulator when apparently it already is running

this is a paste from my other thread on StackExchange:

following Robert's advice I opted to install a copy of Genymotion Personal Edition and linked it to Android Studio via the Genymotion Plugin that was available to install.

see here for installing:

If you do not see an additional icon pop up like described in the page then you will want to (in the case of versions around 3.6.3) enable the Toolbar via View>Appearance>Toolbar

This seems to at least link up fine for me with Android Studio, but overall does not really answer the question as to why the emulator via AVD does not function.

If no one seems to be able to share that knowledge, then I suppose will pick this one as the best answer.

Thanks to Robert again for mentioning Genymotion.

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