Vectordrawablecompat Resources$Notfoundexception on Kitkat and Below

VectorDrawableCompat Resources$NotFoundException on KitKat and below

I found the problem: I had my vector-drawables in drawable-anydpi/ - this produces this crash - when i move the drawables to drawable/ it works fine

Resource not found exception for vectordrawables

  1. Check vector drawable <path>. Sometimes this happens when <path> tag in XML file is too long.
  2. Try to move your image from drawable to drawable-nodpi.


  1. Try to use AppCompatResources.getDrawable(view.getContext(), id); when getting drawable

VectorDrawable Resources$NotFoundException while xml vector drawable resource file does exist

When I was applying patch for gradient sections I noticed that AndroidStudio highlighted these gradient sections saying that it is supported from API 24 and my project min API is 21. So I have decided to check other warnings like:

Very long vector path (1456 characters), which is bad for performance.
Considering reducing precision, removing minor details or rasterizing

So I've started suspecting it as an issue source because there was an error message (red colored text) given in build window of AndroidStudio stating:

string too large to encode using UTF-8 written instead as

But there is no glue or pointing to source of this problem, its just states that I have a very long String somewhere in my project, so it could be preshipped realm database file for instance or something like.

Finally I found an anomaly in one of my vector drawables - it was a path string containing about 51k chars! Of course no warning was given to me at importing time (svg to xml, done using AndroidStudio).

Removing this path solved the crash issue but also a part of an image was lost.

So I've degrouped a problematic path group using Sketch and after importing it resulted in 2 paths of 19k and 24k chars, which is not good either, but it works now without any crash.

btw I am unable to find any information on string length limitations for vector/xml but gradle does apply this limitation at build time, so its known.

Image displays AndroidStudio warning and compile error

The limit of one xml string length revealed in this SO question and there is no official document on that could be found.

Android Resources$NotFoundException Crash Report

Solved! I just moved the XML drawables to the drawable/ folder. Works like magic. Thanks to @ligi.

VectorDrawableCompat Resources$NotFoundException on KitKat and below

Error inflating class ImageButton (Android KitKat)

The problem is you are using android:background here with android:srcCompat it will work . To make it work with android:background below API 21 you can have a layer-list and and add the vector inside layer-list.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<layer-list xmlns:android="">
<item android:drawable="@drawable/ic_polis_produk"/>

and then set it to ImageButton background.
On other hand i don't use ImageButton very often i think you can just replace it with ImageView and use android:srcCompat it will work and it much easier.

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