How to to Check If a User Has Rated Your App on the Google Play

How do you to check if a user has rated your app on the Google Play?

No. You cannot do this. And this is a good thing too -- otherwise you will be able to influence rating by giving people who rated it rewards and such. Additionally, developers would be able to retaliate to negative reviews if such an API were available. This might also violate certain legal agreements between the User and Google if Google starts revealing this data.

However, this is what I personally do in my apps:

  1. Let the user use the app 5 times, to get a good feel of it.
  2. Prompt the user on the sixth run to rate it with options for Yes, Later and Never. Later delays it by two days.

Google Play In-App Review API. How to check if the user has rated the app?

No there is no way to find out whether user has rated the using google In-App review API . Please refer Launch the in-app review flow

How can I know a user who has finished the ratings of an App with Google Play In-App Review API?

If you are worried about ratings UI will show up again if a user have already submitted a review for the App then it won't. It will not show up. However it will return a Success response as i observed . See the Test documentation

Is there a way to see that a user has submitted a review to the Android Marketplace?

There is no API for the Play Market, which is what you really need.

As others have mentioned, you can always keep track if a user has pressed a button to launch the Play Market, but you can't tell what they did once there.

There is a 3rd party Market API, but it is not reliable (certainly not there fault - it is a workaround, since an official API doesn't exist).

It is possible to create a "Campaign" using AdWords. This allows you to track referral URLs (which would allow you to track entry points to the app from external resources). I found a good post about that here:

Bottom line, I am pretty sure you can't do what you are asking.

How can I check whether the current account has reviewed my Android application in Google Play?

There are no official Google API to access Google Play data, however, there is an unofficial

android-market-api that may allow you to list all your app's comments.

Example from android-market-api wiki :

CommentsRequest commentsRequest = CommentsRequest.newBuilder()

session.append(commentsRequest, new Callback<CommentsResponse>() {
public void onResult(ResponseContext context, CommentsResponse response) {
System.out.println("Response : " + response);
// response.getComments(0).getAuthorName()
// response.getComments(0).getCreationTime()
// ...


Which is suppose to output something like :

"comments": [
"rating": 5,
"creationTime": 1269710736815,
"authorName": "Nate Kidwell",
"text": "Tremendous application. More examples would be great (as would integrated rubydocs), but awesome all the same.",
"authorId": "04441815096871118032"

You may then be able to identify the current user in the comment list to check if he already reviewed your app or not.

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