Set Up Device For Development (? No Permissions)

set up device for development (???????????? no permissions)

What works for me is to kill and start the adb server again. On linux: sudo adb kill-server and then sudo adb start-server. Then it will detect nearly every device out of the box.

Android Debug Bridge (adb) device - no permissions

The cause of that problem has to do with system permissions (thanks @ IsaacCisneros for this suggestion). Somehow HTC Wildfire (and maybe the others) need something more from the system than Samsung devices. Simple solution is to run Eclipse as a root, but this is not very comfortable with non-sudo Linux systems like Fedora.

I've found another way of achieving the same goal, which seems to be more user friendly and is lesser security hole then running entire IDE with super user privileges. Mind this is still only a workaround of the problem. System root usage should be minimalized only to administrative tasks, and “adb” was designed to work with normal user account without SUID. Despite of the fact that the proper setting of SUID is quite secure, every single permission increase is a potential system security hole.

1.Setting ownership of the adb binary (owner – root, owner group - user_group):

chown root:user_group adb

2.Setting permissions with SUID:

chmod 4550 adb

This should result something similar to this (ls -llh):

-r-sr-x---. 1 root user_name 1.2M Jan 8 11:42 adb

After that you will be able to run adb as a root, event though you'll be using your normal user account. You can run Eclipse as a normal user and your HTC should be discovered properly.

./adb devices 
List of devices attached
HT0BPPY15230 device

Android, Setup my Fairphone (FP1) for development, (?????? no permission)

To connect to fairphone, as well as any other device just go to settings -> developper -> Turn on USB Debugging.

On linux you need to add to your file, the USB driver for the device:
ATTR{idVendor}=="109b", ENV{adb_user}="yes"

its the same as the HTC USB property

You can also mess with the Fairphone OS, Peace of Mind, just download from the official GIT.

By the way, I was the lead developer for Fairphone during the last 8 months, great adventure, thanks for being one of the initial buyers.

no permissions (user in plugdev group; are your udev rules wrong?)

With my Pixel phone plug into the computer, in the notification shade, I changed it from USB "Charge this phone" to "PTP" (Picture Transfer Protocol).

I then ran flutter doctor and my Pixel asked me to "Allow USB debugging" for my computer, I ticked the box to "Always allow from this computer".

I found the solution via,
which pointed to another Stack Overflow post.

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